WATCH: Chipotle’s First Ever Super Bowl Commercial for 2021

chipotle super-bowl commercial ad 2021

Getty Chipotle Mexican Grill's first Super Bowl ad will air in the second quarter.

Chipotle Mexican Grill has purchased its first ever Super Bowl commercial, joining a growing list of brands who have done the same.

The 30-second ad, titled “Can a Burrito Change the World?,” showcases the restaurant chain’s signature burrito. It also seeks to educate viewers about how consumers can positively change the country’s food system, according to Chipotle’s marketing under Chief Marketing Officer Chris Brandt.

“Our Super Bowl ad debut is a milestone moment for our brand,” Brandt said in a statement obtained by Insider. “We want to use this massive platform to help shift attention toward creating positive change for the challenges our food system faces and educate consumers on how they can make difference.”

The commercial, featuring a young boy exploring the title’s question, illustrates how Chipotle’s standards are working to reduce carbon emissions, support local farmers and protect water resources.

The burrito chain managed to thrive in the last year despite economic hurdles stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. According to CNBC, Chipotle “has seen its digital sales more than triple in its last two quarters, and its stock has soared 72% in the last year, raising its market value to $41.9 billion.”

You can watch the ad below:

The Commercial Features 2 Siblings Dining at Home

Chipotle | Can a Burrito Change the World?What if a burrito could change the world? It could change how we plant things, water things, grow things, pick things, move things…it could change all the things. It could make our famers happier. More organic. More real. More soil-helping, less carbon emitting, and world changing. Learn more about the sustainable impact Chipotle is making…2021-01-25T05:15:02Z

The commercial opens with a young boy eating a burrito at his kitchen counter with his older sister.

He asks his sibling, “What if this could change the world?” The sister, also feasting on a Chipotle burrito, responds by calling him “weird.”

The boy then narrates how the brand could affect how “we plant things, water things, grow things” and “pick things.” The ad cuts to different scenes depicting each of his responses.

The boy continues, saying, “it could make our farmers happier, more organic, more real, more soil helping.”

The ad then concludes with the text, “How we grow our food is how we grow our future.”

The 30-second version will air during the game’s second quarter. Chipotle also released a 60-second version online.

Chipotle Will Waive All Delivery Fees on Its App and Site the Day of the Super Bowl

Chipotle has pledged to waive all delivery fees on its app and website on February 7 for orders $10 or more, according to the chain’s online press release.

It also vowed “to donate $1 from every Super Bowl Sunday delivery order—including those made through third-party apps—to the National Young Farmers Coalition,” Ad Age reported.

Chipotle fans throughout the remainder of February can choose to round up their order charges to the next dollar amount with the proceeds funneling to the Coalition, Chipotle announced in the release.

The Restaurant Chain Also Announced Chipotle’s Farmer Fund



The restaurant chain also announced its new Chipotle’s Farmer Fund, with a goal of raising $5 million over the next five years for resources for next generation farmers and ranchers, according to its online release.

“More than 400 million acres of farmland is expected to need new farmers in the coming years, Chipotle notes, citing data from the National Young Farmers Coalition,” Ad Age disclosed. “Yet, it can be challenging for young U.S. farmers to find affordable land.”

A spokesperson told Insider that the ad homes in on how the pandemic has altered the responsibilities of companies like Chipotle in society.

“The company believes the global pandemic has shifted consumer behavior to lean towards a community-focused society, further igniting a passion inside of many for making purchasing decisions that drive difference in the world around them,” the spokesperson said to the outlet.

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