TikTok Video Claims ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Has Taylor Swift Link

christina mandrell

Getty Taylor Swift.

One of the contestants competing for new “Bachelor” Zach Shallcross’s heart has a link to pop star Taylor Swift, according to E! News.

Christina Mandrell appeared in a 2008 Taylor Swift music video, according to E! News. You can see Mandrell’s big moment below. Word spread when a fan put together Mandrell’s “Bachelor” appearance with her Taylor Swift music video cameo in a TikTok video.

Mandrell has other connections to music fame. She is a member of the famous Mandrell music family, according to Billboard. ABC describes Mandrell as “Christina Mandrell, 26, a content creator from Nashville, Tenn.”

According to Billboard, Mandrell is the niece of country music superstar Barbara Mandrell. According to Country Now, Mandrell is the daughter of Ellen Irlene Mandrell.

Here’s what you need to know:

A Fan Created a TikTok Video Showing Christina Mandrell’s Music Video Moment

@sopranheaux the bachelor (christina’s version) #thebachelor #christinamandrell #bachelorabc #bachelor #thebachelorabc #taylorswift #taylorswiftfearless #swiftie #swifttok #swifties ♬ original sound – MARTIN


According to E! News, Mandrell appeared “in the Grammy winner’s 2008 music video for her hit single ‘Fifteen.'”

In the video, Mandrell “stands under an umbrella in a school uniform, chatting with a friend before staring off into the camera,” E! News reported.

Here is the full Taylor Swift music video:

A fan created a TikTok video showing Mandrell in the music video and on “The Bachelor.”

Mandrell did not outright confirm she was the person in the video. However, she wrote a post about it on her Instagram page.


“Apparently I look at Zach the same way I look at Taylor Swift,” she wrote. “New Conspiracy theory, first I stared at Taylor, then stared at Zach, which inevitably leads to me crying on the STAIRs 🤯,” Mandrell’s Instagram caption read.

Christina Mandrell Has a 5-Year-Old Daughter From Her First Marriage, ABC Says

christina mandrell

ABCChristina Mandrell

According to ABC, Mandrell “is ready for her perfect, fairytale love story! She is a mom to her amazing 5-year-old daughter, Blakely, who she lives to make happy.”

The site’s bio for her says:

Since getting divorced, Christina has been searching for her perfect man but must be selective since she and her daughter are in this together. Christina is looking for a partner she can trust unconditionally and is open-minded to whatever life throws their way. Will Christina get the fairytale ending that she has always wanted with Zach? Only time will tell!

Fun Facts:
• Christina wants to learn how to hula dance.
• Christina considers herself a grandma to her daughter’s pet turtle.
• Christina’s favorite sport is CrossFit.

Mandrell’s ex-husband was named Blake Dennis, according to US Magazine, which reported that they married in 2015 and broke up in 2020.

Mandrell’s mother Irlene Mandrell “is the youngest of the three Mandrell sisters,” according to Irlene Mandrell’s website. “Her single ‘We Will Stand,’ reached #1 on the Independent Country Charts in 2017 and was followed up with the 2018 top ten single ‘You Ain’t Nothin’ But a Heartache,’ which held the charts for 16 weeks.”

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