Christine Metter Update: Where Is David Metter’s Ex-Wife Now?

Christine Metter

Ohio Department of Corrections/LInkedIn Christine Metter in prison, year unknown, and Christine Metter in her LinkedIn photo from circa 2011.

Christine Metter was convicted in 2012 of plotting to hire a hitman to kill her ex-husband, David Metter. The Ohio woman was 41 when she was sentenced to 10 years in prison on a first-degree felony of conspiracy to commit aggravated murder.

According to court records, Metter was convicted of scheming with her father to hire a friend she’d known since high school to shoot her ex-husband to death, but she and her father, Al Zombory, were caught soon after the plan was hatched because the high school friend, Patrick Sabo, who Metter and her father thought would be helpful in their plight, faked them out. He pretended he would help, yet he went to the police and reported that Metter and Zombory wanted to pay him to have David Metter killed.

The Ohio Department of Corrections website shows that Metter is currently serving her sentence at Ohio’s Northeast Pre-Release Center in Cuyahoga County.

Metter is scheduled to be released in just three months on March 25, 2021. She will be 50 years old on that date, according to ODC. Upon release, she will be on probation for five years.

Metter’s father, Al Zombory was also convicted of conspiracy to commit aggravated murder in the case. Zombory was 78 years old when he was sentenced to nine years in prison. He died before his sentence was finished.

Metters Parental Rights Were Terminated For 3 Children She Shared With Her Ex-Husband

While Metter was serving her prison term she lost parental rights to three of their children, court records show.

It’s ironic because according to Mashable, one of the things she used to complain about to her old high school friend, Sabo, and possibly a reason she wanted him dead, was that David had custody of an older daughter and was working on getting custody of their three other children where he lived in Atlanta with his new wife, Loni. According to Loni’s Facebook page, she married David in 2010.

Court records say it was May of 2011 when Metter and Zombory offered Sabo $50,000 to kill David, and Sabo went to the police. In an effort to catch Metter and her father, a detective named Christopher Bowerstock played the role of a hitman named “Vinny” who Sabo allegedly found to do the hit as part of the plan to prove that Metter and her dad were trying to pay someone to kill David.

With David’s help, Bowerstock altered a photo that looked as though David had been shot in the head and brought it to show Metter.

Court records show that Metter asked Bowerstock, aka, “Vinnie” if he’d made the murder look like a mugging. With that, police moved in and arrested Metter and her father.

By 2017 Loni was working to legally adopt Metter’s children — Loni’s three step-children —after the courts terminated Mettler’s parental rights in May of that year. Mettler attempted to block the adoption, but court records say she didn’t follow through and her attempts to stop the adoption were “dismissed as moot.”

Metter Holds a Bachelors Degree & Used to Work in Marketing Before Her Arrest and Conviction

The facility Metter is in has various programs and efforts to successfully re-integrate convicted felons back into society, but it’s hard to know what is next for her.

Metters LinkedIn page says she has a Bachelor’s Degree from Wright State University and worked in Marketing prior to her arrest and conviction.

With the loss of the legal rights to her children, a felony on her record, and her father’s subsequent death, she will emerge from prison in an entirely different situation than she entered it.

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