‘Cobra Kai’ Creator Teases All Valley Tournament in Season 4

Miguel Diaz

YouTube Miguel Diaz competes in the All Valley in Season 1.

The cast and crew of “Cobra Kai” have been relatively tight-lipped about the upcoming fourth season. However, fans are aware that season 4 will focus on karate students participating in another All Valley Tournament. In the season 3 finale, ruthless sensei John Kreese (Martin Kove) promises to leave the San Fernando Valley if members of his Cobra Kai dojo lose the competition. While former rivals Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William “Billy” Zabka) are competent karate teachers, it is unclear if their students from their joint dojo will be able to win the All Valley. After all, before the competition, Kreese contacts Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith), an unhinged businessman who will seemingly stop at nothing to help out his long-time friend. This means that Cobra Kai will likely play dirty to ensure that they come out on top. 

One of the Show’s Creators Teased the Upcoming All Valley on Social Media

One of the show’s creators and executive producers, Hayden Schlossberg, recently took to Twitter to tease how the All Valley will play out during season 4.

“I’ve been watching and rewatching the All Valley tournament in Season 4. There are so many times when I get revved up and almost lose it. It’s like every Rocky fight rolled into one and built up with so much hype and anticipation, leading to an explosion of nonstop action,” read the post, which was uploaded on July 13. 

The Other Creators of ‘Cobra Kai’ Have Also Teased Aspects of Season 4

This is not the first time that Schlossberg and the show’s other co-creators, Jon Hurwitz and Josh Heald, have teased aspects of the fourth season. For instance, during a recent interview on the “Cobra Kai Kompanion” podcast, Hurwitz confirmed that the fourth season will be available to watch on Netflix toward the end of 2021. 

“We can say that you will get the show. And I think we’re confident that you will get it in quarter four this year because, you know, the head honcho at Netflix [Ted Sarandos] has put that into the ether,” stated the writer. 

While speaking to Gold Derby in May, Heald mentioned that season 4 is “very very big.” He stated he and the show’s other creators “all feel very very strongly and very happy with what [they] shot” for the fourth season. He then revealed that they were editing the upcoming season at the time of the interview. 

“Now we are in the, you know, fun place of tweaking and putting it all together in post production and making sure that it reflects everything we know it will be when it comes out,” said the executive producer. 

Heald shared similar comments while speaking on the Paley Front Row panel in May. He stated the show’s writers “want to keep providing the dopamine that generates that good feeling” and “make sure [they are] delivering on goosebumps, on tears, on belly laughs and fist bumps.”

“It’s the same recipe with different tastes and everything else, but it’s even bigger so we’re really, really proud of what we’re making so far. I can’t wait for you to see what everybody’s doing,” said the executive producer. 

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