‘Cobra Kai’ Creator Teases Anthony Larusso’s Storyline in Season 4

Anthony LaRusso

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The first season of the Emmy-nominated series “Cobra Kai” takes place 34 years after the 1984 All Valley Tournament, where Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) defeated his bully, Johnny Lawrence (William “Billy” Zabka). On the show, Daniel and his wife, Amanda LaRusso (Courtney Henggeler) have two children, Samantha (Mary Mouser) and Anthony (Griffin Santopietro). While Sam shares her father’s passion for karate, his son seems more preoccupied with video games. 

In November 2021, Netflix released a series of images from the show’s highly anticipated fourth season. One photo showed Daniel sitting with Anthony on the couch, indicating that the youngest LaRusso sibling will have a more significant role in the upcoming season. 

While answering fan questions on Twitter, one of the show’s creators, Jon Hurwitz, shared more information about Anthony’s season 4 storyline. 

“How satisfying was it when there was such a positive response to the Anthony promo pic?” asked the commenter

“We’ve always loved Anthony and were waiting for the right time to dig deeper in his story. So glad that time has come and that fans are excited to see it! #CobraKai,” responded Hurwitz

Griffin Santopietro Spoke About Being Cast on the Show in April 2021

Griffin Santopietro spoke about playing Anthony during an April 2021 interview with “Cobra Kai Nation.” He shared how he was able to secure a role in such an iconic franchise. The actor stated he was around the age of 11 when he auditioned for the character. He revealed he sent in an audition tape and “booked it after the first tape.” Santopietro disclosed he did not expect the show to become such a success. 

During the interview, the 16-year-old also discussed his first interactions with his “Cobra Kai” castmates during the production of season 1. He revealed that between shooting scenes, he was able to have conversations with his co-stars. 

“It was actually really fun. I remember my first day, it was like during that country club scene in season 1 and there was a lot of like when they were changing shots of something we would all like to sit in like a lounge area. I remember it was just a really good day,” shared Santopietro. 

Griffin Santopietro Revealed Why He Wanted To Be an Actor in December 2020

During a December 2020 interview with Popternative, Griffin Santopietro revealed why he decided to become an actor. 

“I always watched TV a lot as a kid and I kind of always idolized the people on the shows and you know, once I learned that they weren’t actually the people they were playing and I talked to my mom about it, it was a few years before I started but I started with theater at my school before getting into it,” explained Santopietro. 

The teenager also noted that he is interested in working in other fields in the entertainment industry. 

“During quarantine, my friend and I messed around with writing and stuff. We still do it occasionally, I think it’s a fun hobby. But defininally in the future of my life, I think that’s something I’d be able to do,” explained the “Cobra Kai” star. 

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