Courtney Henggeler Talks Working with Elisabeth Shue

Courtney Henggeler

Getty Courtney Henggeler poses at the LA Family Housing Annual LAFH Awards And Fundraiser Celebration in 2019.

Like many people who grew up in the 1980s, Cobra Kai actress Courtney Henggeler has a fondness for The Karate Kid. According to a recent interview with Collider, she particularly enjoyed the character Ali Mills, played by Elisabeth Shue. 

Henggeler Detailed Her Experience Acting Alongside Shue

Elisabeth Shue

Getty ImagesElisabeth Shue is photographed at the American Express Gala.

As fans of Cobra Kai are aware, Ali returned to her hometown of Encino, California in the latest season of the acclaimed series, which premiered on January 1. In Season 3, Episode 10, Ali and Henggeler’s character Amanda LaRusso interact while they are attending a Christmas party held at the Encino Oaks Country Club. While sitting together, the pair share a connection as the Colorado-based doctor discloses information about her high school relationship with Amanda’s husband, Daniel (Ralph Macchio). 

During her interview with Collider, Henggeler spoke about having the opportunity to be Shue’s screen partner. She noted she was accustomed to co-starring with the original Karate Kid cast members, Ralph Macchio, William “Billy” Zabka, and Martin Kove. She confided, however, that “Elisabeth Shue is kind of the missing link to this universe that we’ve created.”

“She’s so important to so many fans, and to me! I was a huge Karate Kid fan. She’s important to me!” said the actress.

Henggeler went on to describe Shue as “so nice, so lovely.” She revealed, however, that being in a scene with the actress, alongside Zabka and Macchio, was a strange moment for her to comprehend. 

“It’s Elisabeth Shue, it’s Billy Zabka, it’s Ralph Macchio and there’s a nine-year-old inside me being like, ‘This isn’t normal. Whatever’s happening right now, you’re gonna have to process later just so you can get through this scene [because] you’re having a fantasy right now,’” explained the actress. 

Henggeler Has Shared Similar Sentiments About Ralph Macchio

Ralph Macchio

GettyRalph Macchio talks during San Diego Comic-Con 2019: Day Two.

This is not the first time that Henggeler has publicly spoken about her Cobra Kai co-stars. 

While speaking to Newsday earlier this month, the 42-year-old talked about first interacting with her castmates, Zabka and Macchio. She stated that the actors “could not be more lovely, but it was very surreal.”

“I called Ralph ‘Ralph Macchio’ — one word,” said Henggeler. “I couldn’t get over the fact that this was my TV husband I’m talking to. And off-set we’re talking about our kids! Like, I’m talking about Ralph Macchio’s kids? He was like, ‘It’s just Ralph. You can just call me Ralph.’ That finally stopped around Season Three.”

She shared similar sentiments about the actor during a May 2018 interview with The Daily Actor. She revealed that Macchio “was at [her] screen test” for the show. 

“That part was maybe the most surreal because I was like, so taken off guard, and I was nervous enough because I was testing for the show, and then I was like, ‘What are you doing here? What? I mean of course he’s here but stop, ahhh!'” explained Henggeler. “But at the test, he was so lovely and so warm and so nice. He was so easy to laugh. And so, when I booked it, I was just like, “This is gonna be great, he’s so great.” And then I got on set and I’m like, “What the f*** am I doing?”

To see more of Henggeler, be sure to watch Cobra Kai Season 3 available on Netflix.

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