Courtney Henggeler Reveals Who She Thinks Is Her ‘Favorite’ Castmate

Courtney Henggeler

Getty Courtney Henggeler poses at the LA Family Housing Annual LAFH Awards And Fundraiser Celebration in 2019.

Actress Courtney Henggeler is best known for playing Daniel LaRusso’s (Ralph Macchio) wife, Amanda, in the hit series “Cobra Kai.” The 42-year-old recently was a guest on the “Green Eggs and Dan” podcast, hosted by her “Cobra Kai” co-star Dan Ahdoot, who plays Anoush. As fans are aware, Anoush works at Daniel and Amanda’s car dealership called the LaRusso Auto Group. 

On the podcast, which has a focus on food, Ahdoot revealed that Henggeler “is probably [his] favorite actor on the show” and is “one of [his] BFFs on set.” The comedian went on to say that they “have this kind of playful ribbing,” which occasionally “gets really ugly.”  

Henggeler agreed with her co-star’s assessment of their friendship and revealed she acts similarly with her brother-in-law. She stated that they are constantly trying to “one up each other but [she] sincerely love[s] him” and would be upset if her sister were to separate from him. 

“This is how I feel about you. I’m like, ‘I can’t ever just say something nice to Dan but I truly adore you.’ I think you’re my favorite person on ‘Cobra Kai’ and you’re not even there a lot,” said Henggeler.

Ahdoot responded to her compliment by joking that it “is a testament to how awful everyone else is on set,” which made Henggeler laugh. 

Courtney Henggeler Also Has a Fondness for Her On-Screen Daughter, Mary Mouser

While Ahdoot may be her “favorite person on ‘Cobra Kai,’” Henggeler has also spoken highly of her other castmates. During a January 2021 Entertainment Weekly interview, the actress talked about her working relationship with her on-screen daughter, Mary Mouser. She noted that “working with Mary is like working with like whipped cream.” 

“She’s just delightful and sweet and you’re kind of like yes I would like some whipped cream on that,” explained Henggeler. “This maybe getting a little inappropriate but she is light, she is sweet, she is kind, she is way more knowledgeable about things than I am. And we both love ‘Twilight’ so I respect her a lot.” 

The Actress Has Also Spoken Highly of William “Billy” Zabka

Henggeler has also shared kind words about William “Billy” Zabka, who plays her on-screen husband’s rival, Johnny Lawrence. During a January 2021 interview with Awards Radar, she asserted that “Billy Zabka is just the funniest thing in the world.” She admitted that prior to working with him on “Cobra Kai,” she was unaware of “how funny he actually is.” 

“I remember at the table read going, I’m like, ‘how is this going to work out,’ and the moment he opened his mouth, I was like, ‘Oh my god he’s hilarious.’ His timing is very amusing to me,” said the actress. 

She then revealed that she is not the only person in her household who thinks highly of Zabka. 

“My husband [producer Ross Kohn] is a huge ‘Karate Kid’ — a huge William Zabka fan in general. He could just list off all the movies. He’s like, ‘here’s another Billy Zabka movie, Courtney. Let’s watch this one.’ Just a huge fan,” explained the mother-of-two. 

To see more of Henggeler, check out the first three seasons of “Cobra Kai,” available to stream on Netflix. 

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