‘Cobra Kai’ Creator Suggests How Fans Should Watch Season 4

The Cobra Kai cast shares their opinions on the cliffhanger ending

Getty The cast of "Cobra Kai" attends the premiere screening of 'Cobra Kai' Season 2

The highly anticipated fourth season of “Cobra Kai” will be debuting in December of this year. As fans eagerly await the release of the new episodes on Netflix, the show’s co-creators and executive producers, Hayden Schlossberg, Josh Heald, and Jon Hurwitz have shared a few details about “Cobra Kai” season 4. For instance, Schlossberg recently took to Twitter to give fans a suggestion on the best way to watch the upcoming season. 

Hayden Schlossberg Hinted That the Sound Quality of the New Season Will Be Impressive

In the Twitter post, uploaded on August 13, 2021, Schlossberg hinted that the sound quality of “Cobra Kai” season 4 is impressive. 

“Highly suggest upgrading your tv/speakers before watching CK4. Our Emmy nominated sound team has outdone themselves this season,” wrote the executive producer. 

One “Cobra Kai” fan, named Christian Krogh Sorensen, replied to the post and let Schlossberg know how he planned on enjoying the fourth season. 

“We’re a HUGE group of real-life karate students here in Denmark, & we’ll turn our gym into a THEATER, making an entire christmas/binge-party out of it, on the weekend it releases! This time we’re gonna project a 300 inch 4K-image, blasting the sound out through 800 watt speakers!” wrote Sorensen. 

Schlossberg was quick to respond to the comment and encouraged the fan to “watch Mad Max and/or Inception on it beforehand to test the sound and make sure it’s immersive and loud (in a good way, not a painful way).” 

On August 12, 2021, Schlossberg also implied on Twitter that he enjoyed the music that will be playing during the upcoming All Valley Tournament. 

“CK4 tournament music,” read the post, along with a fire emoji. 

Sorensen also commented on that post and shared he hoped the song “You’re the Best” by Joe Esposito, which is prominent in “The Karate Kid,” will be featured in season 4. 

“In season 1, you guys MUST’ve known you didn’t incorporate “You’re the best around” – for. a. reason. I’m PRAYING we’ll finally hear that epic mother-f’ing badass song blast through in S4, hopefully during a montage-sequence at the All Valley. Pleaaase, let this be the case! [smiling face emoji],” read the comment. 

Schlossberg replied to the comment, writing, “[b]elieve me, we are aware of that song and its importance.”

Ralph Macchio & William Zabka Briefly Mention the Show’s Soundtrack in June 2021

During a June 2021 interview with Deadline, the “Karate Kid” himself, Ralph Macchio, and his on-screen rival, William Zabka, briefly mentioned the show’s soundtrack. The “Cobra Kai” stars shared the songs that they particularly enjoyed in the acclaimed martial arts show. Macchio stated that he was a fan of “the REO Speedwagon singalong in Episode 9 of Season 1.” As fans are aware, the actor was referencing a scene where Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence realize they have similar music tastes. 

Zabka then shared that he enjoyed the songs by Foreigner.

“All of these are songs that we grew up with. I mean, this is a soundtrack of my life. It’s very authentic. And I used to listen to those acts, this is not movie-making. That’s just like, a video of my life from before,” said the actor.

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