Cobra Kai Creator Teases Information After Netflix’s Geeked Week Upset

Younger Cast of 'Cobra Kai'

Getty Mary Mouser, Tanner Buchanan, Jacob Bertrand, Xolo Mariduena and Peyton List pose together in 2019.

Since the third season of “Cobra Kai” debuted in January, fans of the “Karate Kid” franchise have been looking forward to the show’s fourth season. Viewers were hopeful to learn more information about season 4 during Netflix Geeked’s Geeked Week, which began on June 7. According to the Netflix Geeked’s website, the “virtual fan-facing event” was going to include “exclusive news, new trailers, live art, drop-ins from your favorite stars and much more about all your favorite Netflix series and films,” like “Cobra Kai.” However, Geeked Week’s “Cobra Kai” segment, which aired on June 11, consisted of the show’s cast members, Gianni DeCenzo, Xolo Maridueña, and Jacob Bertrand playing “Street Fighter” with one of the event’s hosts, Rahul Kohli. During the stream, the actors did not share any announcements or spoilers about the upcoming season, which disappointed some fans. 

For instance, the Reddit user u/Chinese_Jesus_ took to the “Cobra Kai” subreddit to voice their frustration over the situation. 

“My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined,” wrote the commenter. The post also included an image of the character Johnny Lawrence, played by William “Billy” Zabka, looking upset with the caption “When you watch the Geeked Week stream for 2 hours and there’s no new footage.”

A few Reddit users shared their opinions on the matter in the comments section.

“It was so lame,” wrote a commenter with the username TerrySilversWife.

“Nothing against the boys having a bit of fun with videogames. But they really shouldn’t have hyped so much about today, lol,” added the Reddit user, Facha_Hasserbunde.

The Co-Creator of “Cobra Kai” Revealed That He Was Unaware That Geeked Week Was Happening

On June 11, one of the creators of “Cobra Kai,” Hayden Schlossberg, appeared to be addressing disappointed fans on Twitter. He explained he was unaware that Netflix Geeked was having an event that involved his show, writing, “I did not know what geeked week was until today.” The executive producer also noted that any major announcements about the highly anticipated fourth season will be released on the official “Cobra Kai” social media accounts. 

“If there is big CK news, you will probably get early hints from the CK social media handles or from us (the creators), like we did with the Terry Silver teaser. But have no fear, more goodies are on the way,” read a portion of the post. 

In a separate tweet, Schlossberg clarified that fans can expect more information about the upcoming season in the relatively near future. 

“And by ‘on the way’ I mean sometime between now and honeycrisp season,” wrote the executive producer. While he did not specify what “honeycrisp season” meant, it can be assumed that he was referring to the fall. 

The Show’s Creators Revealed That Terry Silver Will Be Returning

Schlossberg and his “Cobra Kai” co-creators, Josh Heald and Jon Hurwitz, have not shared too much about season 4. However, they did recently release a statement about Thomas Ian Griffith reprising his role as Terry Silver in the upcoming season, as reported by Deadline. As fans of “The Karate Kid Part III” are aware, the villain is rather unhinged and has unwavering loyalty to ruthless sensei John Kreese (Martin Kove). 

“Since the beginning of the series, we’ve been carefully orchestrating the right moment to unleash Cobra Kai dojo co-founder Terry Silver back into the universe. That moment is now. We can’t wait for the whole world to experience Thomas Ian Griffith’s majestic return to the franchise,” read the joint statement.

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