THEORIES: What Happens to Demetri in ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 4?

Gianni DeCenzo as Demetri in "Cobra Kai" season 2.

YouTube Gianni DeCenzo as Demetri in "Cobra Kai" season 2.

Fans of Netflix’s hit TV series “Cobra Kai” have plenty of theories about what might happen in season 4. The character of Demetri, in particular, has been the subject of some attention due to his previous history with Hawk, and his character arc over the three seasons so far. So what has become of Demetri, and how might that play into his story in future episodes? Here’s everything we know as of now.

Fans Run Wild With Speculations on Demetri

Demetri confronts Hawk in "Cobra Kai" season 3

YouTubeDemetri (Gianni DeCenzo) confronts Hawk (Jacob Bertrand) in season 3 of “Cobra Kai.”

Demetri – portrayed by 20-year-old Gianni DeCenzo – might be known as the dorky kid from “Cobra Kai,” the one who was left behind when his fellow nerd friends – Eli (later “Hawk”) and star Miguel Diaz – went on to become masters of karate in the “Cobra Kai” studio. Demetri tried to pick up the craft in season 2, first with Cobra Kai, then with Miyagi-Do, under the tutelage of Daniel LaRusso, and struggled greatly (at least at first).

Season 3 saw some more growth in the character, however, with fans finally seeing him land a girlfriend, and improve his skill in karate. His long-standing feud with his old friend Hawk also came to an end, with the two joining forces in a fight against some Cobra Kai members after Hawk saved Demetri from a certain beating.

Although whatever may come of Demetri’s character arc in season 4 is not yet known, fans of the show have been known to speculate, and Demetri, an emerging fan favorite, is no exception. One popular post on the show’s subreddit asked fans to weigh in on what they believed would happen to the character next season. One popular answer said he might end up “the surprise winner of the tournament. That would be kind of awesome, actually.”

Another expressed hope that he might find justice in battle with his old enemy Kyler: “I want to see him beating Kyler,” they said. “Miguel and Hawk already put him in his place, it’s Demetri’s turn now.” Another popular comment echoed that sentiment, saying: “I definitely wanna see him progress more. Maybe get on Hawk’s level and beat the s*** out of Kyler.”

Others wondered whether he might fight Robby Keene in the Karate Tournament. One user suggested, “I think he’ll fight Robby in the second round and lose. As for the rest of the season…unsure.” Another suggested that Robby beating Demetri too badly might make the former question what’s happening to him under John Kreese’s Cobra Kai, marking a turning point in the season: “Robby beating him up to the point of a medic stepping in is what gets him to start questioning the path he’s on.”

Another popular post suggested a throwback to the famous “fly catching” scene from “The Karate Kid,” with Daniel now in Mr. Miyagi’s position and Demetri in Daniel’s. Given “Cobra Kai’s” penchant for rehashing and revisiting iconic scenes from the original films, this isn’t entirely unreasonable.

Fans Are Obsessed With Demetri’s New Look

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In August, Netflix released brief teasers for each of the characters, including one for Demetri. Fans immediately started commenting on how the character – and actor – have grown, with one popular Reddit post comparing a younger Demetri to the one shown in the teaser. “I’m really excited to see his improvement and progress over the season,” one fan commented. “His character has always been really appealing to me. Maybe because he gives my nerdy a** hope or something.”

Back in October 2020, before season 3 had even aired, DeCenzo posted a series of photos and videos on his Instagram account of him training for season 4, which also seemed to be warmly received by fans. “Go Dimitri Go Dimitri Go Dimitri!” said one user. “I can’t wait for season four.”

In a May interview with Comic Book Resources, DeCenzo himself gave hints as to what might come of his character in season 4:

There’s a lot more growth for Demetri, and…there’s so much good stuff. You’re really going to look forward to it. I think this is going to be a really fun season. There are a lot more characters, a lot more character growth… we always manage to top it each year; the writers are just amazing!

It’s quite possible that we haven’t seen such long and steady character growth from any “Cobra Kai” character more so than Demetri. Although fans, like his peers, may have ridiculed the nerd-turned-fighter at first, he seems to be quickly coming around, both in terms of his story and his reception from fans. How this will play out in season 4, and whether he will prove to be as dangerous and hardcore a fighter as the teasers seem to show, is yet to be seen.

Be sure to tune in to Netflix for season 4 of “Cobra Kai” on December 31.

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