Why Jacob Bertrand Is Against Hawk & Demetri’s Reconciliation

Hawk and Demetri

YouTube Hawk and Demetri talk at Moon's party.

During the first season of Cobra Kai, Eli Moskowitz (Jacob Bertrand) and his best friend Demetri (Gianni Decenzo) are relentlessly bullied by the popular students at West Valley High School. The teenagers decide to join the Cobra Kai dojo, owned by Johnny Lawrence (William “Billy” Zabka), to learn self-defense. After Johnny makes cruel remarks about the facial disfigurement on his upper lip, Eli decides to cut his hair into a mohawk as a way to distract from his scar. His new hairstyle inspires Johnny to give him the nickname Hawk.

Unfortunately, Hawk soon develops an aggressive demeanor, which puts a strain on his friendship with Demetri. For instance, in Season 2, Episode 5, Hawk violently confronts his former friend over a negative Yelp review he wrote detailing his experiences at the Cobra Kai dojo. Demetri asserts that he will not delete the post, causing Hawk and other Cobra Kai members to chase him.

Hawk’s treatment of Demetri only worsens during the show’s third season. In Season 3, Episode 4, the Cobra Kai student ruins Demitri’s science project that “took [him] three weeks to build.” One of Hawk’s most horrific acts occurs during Season 3, Episode 5. In the episode, Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do students face off at a laser tag center. After a few minutes of fighting, Hawk is convinced to break Demetri’s arm by his Cobra Kai teammates. While he does not initially apologize for his horrendous behavior, he does seem to regret injuring the Miyagi-Do student. During the Season 3 finale, he manages to make amends by intervening when Demetri nearly gets his arm broken yet again by Cobra Kai students.

Jacob Bertrand Revealed He Is Against Hawk Reconnecting With Demetri

GettyJacob Bertrand attends the premiere screening and conversation of YouTube Original’s ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 2

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the cast of Cobra Kai was asked to share their opinions about “Hawk finally switching sides and reuniting with Demetri,” in a game called “kick it or keep it.” Jacob Bertrand revealed that he disagreed with his character reconciling with Demetri. He suggested that he felt Hawk’s behavior towards him was unforgivable.

“I would say ‘kick it.’ If I was Demetri I’d be like ‘f you bro. I hate you now,’” said Bertrand, with a laugh. “I have to say ‘kick it’ on behalf of Demetri.”

He noted, however, that he enjoyed the scene during the Season 3 finale when Hawk and Demetri decide to make an alliance.

“The moment though is great. Keep that moment forever. That moment is awesome,” said the actor.

Jacob Bertrand’s Co-Star, Mary Mouser, Shared Similar Sentiments

Mary Mouser

Getty Mary Mouser poses at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con.

During the interview, Mary Mouser, who portrays Daniel LaRusso’s daughter Samantha, shared similar sentiments about Hawk reconnecting with Demetri.

“You know what in the moment ‘keep it.’ In the moment of when it happens in the fight, I love that look that Jacob has where he like straight up just turns over his shoulder and they’re like ‘we got him for you’ and he’s like literally just like all of it changing in that split second was like magical. I think Jacob killed that moment. But in the long term, I say kick it because I like to see Hawk be bad,” said the actress.

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