What Johnny Lawrence’s Deleted Facebook Message To Ali Mills Said

Miguel Diaz & Johnny Lawrence

YouTube Miguel Diaz talks to Johnny Lawrence about his Facebook message to Ali.

During the third season of Cobra Kai, Johnny Lawrence (William “Billy” Zabka) has a brief correspondence with his ex-girlfriend Dr. Ali Mills Schwarber (Elisabeth Shue) on Facebook. After sending a few messages, the Colorado-based doctor invites Johnny to get lunch in Season 3, Episode 9. The pair end up spending time at the popular date spot Golf ‘N Stuff, where they nearly share a kiss. Later in the evening, they attend a holiday party held at the Encino Oaks Country Club. While the former couple still has chemistry, Ali tells Johnny that he should pursue a serious relationship with Miguel Diaz’s (Xolo Maridueña) mother, Carmen (Vanessa Rubio). 

Miguel Convinces Johnny To Not Send a Lengthy Facebook Message To Ali

Miguel & Johnny

YouTubeMiguel expresses concern about Johnny’s lengthy Facebook message.

Johnny’s idyllic day with Ali may have never happened if not for Miguel. In Season 3, Episode 6, the sensei attempts to help his partially paralyzed student stand again in his apartment. While they are taking a break, Miguel looks at Johnny’s open laptop and notices a lengthy Facebook message he is in the process of drafting. When Johnny reveals that he is writing to Ali, Miguel explains that he “can not send her that message… because it’s like 80 pages and in all caps.” 

“I have 35 years worth of stuff to say, all right,” argues an annoyed Johnny. 

“Okay, yeah, yeah. But shorter messages are way cooler. Like this just looks desperate. And a little creepy,” says Miguel.

Johnny’s Facebook Message Can Briefly Be Seen in the Scene

Johnny's Facebook message

YouTube Johnny writes a long Facebook message to Ali Mills.

The audience can briefly see part of the message during the scene. It appears that Johnny was describing each year that has passed since he last saw Ali in 1984. The paragraph that can be seen on his computer screen begins with Johnny sharing his opinion about the movies Iron Eagle 3 and Wayne’s World, which were both released in 1992. He then got off-topic and revealed he was fired from his construction job. The Eagle Fang owner stated that he was convinced his Spanish-speaking co-workers “were making fun of [him] sometimes.” He noted that he “started learning a bit of Spanish from Miguel and his family,” specifically the words “‘hola,’ ‘plantain,’’taco’ and ‘dinero.’” 

He then began talking about the year 1993 and referred to the film Jurassic Park. Johnny stated that while he was a fan of the movie, it had “too much sciency stuff for [him].” He wrote that he assumed Ali “probably liked that” aspect of the film, as she is a medical professional. 

The martial arts master then disclosed he “could never be a doctor. Not after that incident at community college.” He noted that he described what happened “a couple paragraphs ago,” and suggested it had something to do with him causing a fire on campus.  

Johnny also mentioned that his former Cobra Kai teammate “Dutch got arrested” in 1993. The Eagle Fang owner admitted that he was inebriated while he watched his friend take a joyride on a golf cart at the Encino Oaks Country Club. He wrote that after Dutch’s arrest, he did not “think [he’s] been back to the country club,” but clarified that his stepfather, “Sid [wouldn’t] let them ban [him].”

Toward the end of the paragraph, Johnny ranted about grunge music, believing its bleak message could not ‘be good for the kids to hear.” He then stated while “Miguel seems to like [him] okay,” he has a strained relationship with his son Robby. After his admission that he could have been a better father, he insisted he has “done some good stuff too!” As an example, he revealed that he “made two grand betting on the OJ trial” in 1995, which is where the message leaves off. 

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