This Cobra Kai Star Missed Their Audition for the Show

Cobra Kai Cast

Getty The 'Cobra Kai' cast poses at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con.

Since Cobra Kai’s premiere in 2018, Mary Mouser has portrayed Daniel LaRusso’s (Ralph Macchio) daughter Samantha. However, if not for some urging from her boyfriend, fellow actor Brett Pierce, Mouser may have never been cast on the acclaimed series. 

Mouser ‘Accidentally Slept Through Her Initial Audition’ for ‘Cobra Kai’

In a January interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the actress disclosed that she was unfamiliar with the Karate Kid franchise and “accidentally slept through [her] initial audition.” 

She then received a phone call from Pierce asking about her audition. When she admitted she had forgotten about it, he asked, “what was it even for,” to which she responded, “oh it’s a show called Cobra Kai.”

“He’s a huge Karate Kid fan, so he was like, ‘what are you kidding me? Like I’ve been in a group chat about the show coming out for like three months. Like are you serous?’ And I was like, ‘yeah.’ And he was like ‘Get your butt back in there, whatever you go to do, call who ever you got to call, like get your butt back in there,’” said Mouser. 

She then noted that “by some miracle they let [her] come back so [she] got to go in for [her] next audition.”

Mouser Shared Similar Information During a 2018 Interview

While speaking to the Crooked Llama in 2018, Mouser shared similar information. She revealed that she “hadn’t ever seen [The Karate Kid] before” being on the show and planned on watching the martial arts movie with Pierce at some point.  

“[W]e were waiting to watch them when we could watch the whole series but we just hadn’t had the time yet,” stated the actress. 

She revealed that she refrained from watching the Karate Kid films during her audition process.

“At that point I was like, now I’m too nervous and I probably won’t get a callback so, we’ll just watch it in a week or so. Then I ended up getting the callback and figured, well it won’t go any further than this so, we’ll just watch it in a few days. It kept happening like that until finally, I got to the final screen test with Ralph [Macchio], then I got the call the next day that I had booked it,” explained Mouser.

The actress noted that once she became an official Cobra Kai cast member, she decided to finally familiarize herself with the film franchise. 

“We actually binged it and I watched it, I’m gonna say, more than 5 times each since. So I definitely consider myself now a superfan,” asserted Mouser.  

During the interview, she also talked about her relationship with her co-stars Ralph Macchio and William “Billy” Zabka, who plays Johnny Lawrence. 

“[Macchio] was amazing to work with and on top of that on the action side is, ya know, what can I even say getting to work with Ralph Macchio. Like it was insane!” said the actress. “He’s such a sweetheart and, I say this about Ralph and about Billy, that they really did an amazing job of not making it feel like [the younger cast members] were intruding on anything or that we could mess anything up. They did a great job of making it so welcoming. We didn’t feel like we were encroaching on anything, they were so arms open wide about the whole process and that was very special and very exciting.”

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