Cobra Kai Stars Weigh In on if Aisha Will Be In Season 4



In the acclaimed series Cobra Kai, Aisha Robinson, played by Nichole Brown, is a prominent character. During Season 1, the teenager is constantly made fun of by the popular students at West Valley High School. She soon finds inner strength after becoming a student at the Cobra Kai dojo, owned by Johnny Lawrence (William “Billy” Zabka). This newfound confidence allows her to stick up for herself, making her high school experience much better. However, when her friend Miguel Diaz (Xolo Maridueña) is severely injured during a massive brawl, she transfers schools, presumably for her safety. Due to this, the character did not appear in Season 3.

Two ‘Cobra Kai’ Stars Commented On Aisha’s Absence

However, it is unclear if Aisha’s storyline will continue in the upcoming season, which is currently in production. In a January interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mary Mouser, who plays Daniel LaRusso’s daughter Samantha, commented on the possibility of the character being in Cobra Kai Season 4. She explained she was aware of how much fans of the show enjoyed Aisha.

“I think everybody you know loves the Aisha character,” said the actress.

She noted that character is significant as she was “the first Cobra Kai member that was female.” Mouser went on to say that since Aisha joined the martial arts studio, more female students have started practicing karate at the dojos on the show.

“Now it’s like even watching Season 3 if you notice it’s like you know the actors who are in Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do but don’t have any lines are background to you know kind of fill in the teams we, we’ve started to see females come in which is really cool,” explained the actress.

In a separate Entertainment Weekly interview, Gianni DeCenzo, who portrays Demetri, also discussed the likelihood of Aisha returning to Cobra Kai. He noted that he believed it was plausible, as characters like Yasmine (Annalisa Cochrane) and Kyler (Joe Seo) were brought back after being absent in Cobra Kai Season 2. 

“The great thing about this show is that we see people come and go. You know, we saw Kyler and Yasmine. They weren’t on Season 2 so there’s always room for people to kind of come and go so there’s definitely a possibility. Although I don’t know,” said the actor. 

The Show’s Co-Creator Also Shared Information About the Character’s Possible Return

While speaking to Comic Book in January, one of Cobra Kai’s co-creators, Hayden Schlossberg, shared similar sentiments about Aisha. Schlossberg refrained from sharing any spoilers but suggested the character may be featured in future seasons. He told the publication: 

Well, we don’t want to get too much into detail about why we do certain things. If it is going to affect things in the future, that would be a spoiler. Except to say, if a character that’s one of our favorite characters you’ve ever created and it’s tricky when you’re putting this season together and figuring out what’s going to make it, what’s not. What we will say is, as you’ve seen in season three, characters who maybe you thought were no longer a part of the story, do come back and play a role. Just using [Kyler] as an example. And so, people who want to see Aisha again, I think that’s how we would respond to that, without giving anything away.

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