Why Ralph Macchio Regretted Showing His Daughter The Karate Kid

Ralph Macchio

Getty Ralph Macchio is photographed at 'The IMDb Show' in 2019.

Since The Karate Kid premiered in 1984, Ralph Macchio has been recognized for playing Daniel LaRusso by fans. In a September 2020 interview on Conan, the actor revealed that when his daughter, Julia, 28, was younger, she seemed to be confused why her father was famous. 

He explained that in one particular instance, he and his family went to get lunch at the themed restaurant Planet Hollywood “in the early 90s.” Julia noticed memorabilia from The Karate Kid, invoking her curiosity. 

“My daughter would see this memorabilia up and ask these questions like why are people standing on one leg and holding their arms up in the air when they see daddy. And what is that headband, why do they — and finally it was like, ‘well it’s time to sit you down honey, daddy’s not like all the other daddies,’” said the 59-year-old. 

Macchio Decided To Let His Daughter Watch ‘The Karate Kid’

In the interview with Conan, Macchio revealed he decided to let his daughter watch the first installment of the Karate Kid franchise

“Then I showed her the film at… five years old,” recalled Macchio.

The actor forgot, however, that his character spends most of the movie getting physically assaulted by violent bullies. 

“I showed her that thinking I would make her proud and not thinking that I get my a** kicked in every other scene and she’s watching her dad be beaten to a pulp, [she was] possibly running out of the room. So that was an epic parent fail by me,” said Macchio. 

He also noted that his son Daniel, 25, came across several magazines that featured Macchio. 

“My son found all those teen magazines, kind of pictures, when he was about the same age and ran into the family room to my daughter and said, ‘look dad was huge and we missed it,’” recalled the actor. 

Macchio’s Children Are Big ‘Cobra Kai’ Fans

During a January interview on The View, alongside his Cobra Kai co-star William “Billy” Zabka, Macchio revealed that both of his children are fans of the acclaimed series. 

“That is an icing on the cake that I was not expecting. To have something that’s such a big part of my life back in the day now be such a big part of my kid’s life and them championing it,” said the actor. “I mean this show coming out — every season it launched was like Christmas morning for them. All of their friends, they’re all getting together and binge-watching it as a group. It’s really quiet wonderful and they’re friends with some of the young cast members. The next generation cast. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.” 

While Macchio did not specify which cast members his children are friends with, Mary Mouser, who plays his on-screen daughter Samantha LaRusso, has talked about sharing a bond with Julia. While speaking to Crooked Llama in 2018, the actress listed off their similarities. 

“His actual daughter and I are [only] a few years apart and we are the exact same height, we are both 5’1″ and 3/4 of an inch, we laugh about this. We are so similar,” explained Mouser.

The actress went on to say that she has also spent time with Macchio’s wife, Phyllis. She told the publication:

When his wife and daughter came into town we all went out and saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show, his wife loves it. It was a great time, I feel like an honorary family member I’d hope to say. 

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