The Reason Ralph Macchio Disliked One of the Karate Kid Films

Ralph Macchio

Getty Ralph Macchio rocks a blue suit while at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival.

Since The Karate Kid premiered in 1984, Ralph Macchio seems to have embraced being associated with the iconic film franchise. As fans are aware, he is still playing Daniel LaRusso on the acclaimed series Cobra Kai, which is available to watch on Netflix.

However, Macchio is not a fan of every film from the franchise.

In a Recent Interview, Ralph Macchio Revealed That He Dislikes ‘The Karate Kid Part III’

Ralph Macchio

GettyRalph Macchio talks during San Diego Comic-Con 2019: Day Two.

During a recent interview on the podcast Sway, hosted by journalist Kara Swisher, the actor noted that he had issues with The Karate Kid Part III

He stated that Cobra Kai’s executive producers and co-creators, Hayden Schlossberg, Josh Heald, and Jon Hurwitz “are big fans” of the third installment of the Karate Kid franchise.

“I am not, and it has nothing to do with the actors involved,” explained the 59-year-old. 

Swisher revealed that she also enjoyed that movie and questioned why Macchio disliked it.

“I just felt for the LaRusso character he never went forward. It felt like we were redoing the first movie in a cartoon kind of a sense without the heart and soul,” responded the actor.

The journalist stated that the film was significant because “Daniel LaRusso goes dark,” seemingly in reference to the fact that the character briefly joined Cobra Kai in the movie. 

Macchio agreed with Swisher’s assessment, noting “that’s the good part.”

He went on to say that before Cobra Kai, when he would talk about The Karate Kid, he was only referring to the first and second films. Macchio then stated that “the events of The Karate Kid Part III” are included in the series “so now [he’s] fully embracing of that.”

Macchio Has Previously Shared His Opinion on the Film

Daniel LaRusso & Terry Silver

YouTubeDaniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) train together in “The Karate Kid Part III.”

This is not the first time that Macchio has shared his opinion about the film. While speaking to Sports Illustrated in 2018, alongside the cast and crew of The Karate Kid films, the actor asserted that he had a distaste for The Karate Kid Part III.

“Part three is not my favorite movie. All they did was make the first one over again, without any of the good stuff,” noted the actor. 

While Macchio has been vocal about not liking The Karate Kid Part III, it appears that Cobra Kai’s upcoming season will include the film’s villain, Terry Silver, played by Thomas Ian Griffith. The character was seen during Cobra Kai Season 3 in flashbacks that detailed John Kreese’s experience while serving in Vietnam in 1969.

In January, Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald, and Hayden Schlossberg spoke to Entertainment Weekly about Cobra Kai‘s third season. In the interview, Hurwitz commented on the likelihood of Griffith reprising his role as Silver. He referred to one of the final scenes of Cobra Kai Season 3, in which Kreese calls someone, seemingly asking for their assistance to help Cobra Kai win the upcoming All Valley Karate Tournament. Hurwitz told the publication:

At the end of the season, you saw Kreese make a phone call. You could guess who might’ve been on the other end of that call based off of the photo that he was looking at there. But we can’t really speak to how Terry Silver would respond to that call — or whoever was on the other end of the line would respond to that call. I think you’ll have to see if that character returns in season 4.

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