Why Ralph Macchio Says ‘Cobra Kai’ Is ‘Beautifully Ridiculous’

Ralph Macchio

Getty Ralph Macchio talks during San Diego Comic-Con 2019: Day Two.

The series “Cobra Kai” focuses on the lives of Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and his long-time rival Johnny Lawrence (William “Billy” Zabka), who were both introduced in the 1984 martial arts film, “The Karate Kid.” While the show touches on serious subject matter like repairing damaged relationships and overcoming mental health issues, at its core, it is about two middle-aged karate enthusiasts.

Ralph Macchio Discussed the Show’s Absurd Aspects in a Recent Interview

During a recent interview with Variety, alongside his “Cobra Kai” co-stars, Ralph Macchio addressed the sillier aspects of the show. The actor suggested he appreciates that Daniel’s wife, Amanda (Courtney Henggeler) — who for the most part is annoyed by his karate rivalries — takes it upon herself “to ground” the other characters. 

“[Amanda is] the only one on this show that actually says, ‘wait a second you guys are fighting about karate in The Valley?’” said Macchio. 

He then revealed that he and William “Billy” Zabka find their characters’ rivalry to be amusing and noted that they “laugh about it all the time,” even when they are about to film a scene together. He clarified, however, that he finds “Cobra Kai” to be “beautifully ridiculous.” He went on to say that the characters, despite being in abnormal situations, are still “grounded in real-life human interactions.”

During the interview, Courtney Henggeler also discussed playing a character who provides some much-needed perspective. 

“I think it’s completely necessary for anybody to, you know — you always need the outsider to explain things to and things have to be explained. And some things sound ridiculous,” said the actress. 

She went on to say that she enjoys that her character is “the voice of reason,” especially when she is interacting with Johnny and Daniel, who have somewhat of a childish grudge with each other. 

“To see these grown men and all this drama and just to be the one to stick in your face and be like, ‘You guys want to come in for lunch? I know you’re fighting but are you hungry? Let’s talk about it,’ it’s the best, it’s so fun,” said the 42-year-old.  

The Show’s Co-Creator Has Also Spoken Positively About Amanda

During the “Cobra Kai” Paley Front Row panel in May, the show’s co-creator Josh Heald also commented on Amanda. He revealed that the co-owner of the LaRusso Auto Group is “one of [the show’s] most fun characters to write” because she points out the absurdity of its major conflicts. 

“We drive so hard into the immersion of the stakes of this show are so high and so unbelievable and so palpable but if you take one micro-step back you realize that it’s a bunch of adults, you know, karate fighting and you know, putting themselves in life and death situations over some karate school. So it literally teeters on the head of a pin. And it’s so nice when you have characters who can kind of take the air out of the balloon a little bit,” said the executive producer.  

The fourth season of “Cobra Kai” is expected to be released later this year. 

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