WATCH: Cobra Kai’s School Fight Scene in the Season 2 Finale

Mary Mouser

YouTube Mary Mouser plays Sam LaRusso in Season 2.

The Emmy-nominated series “Cobra Kai” does not shy away from intense action sequences. One of the most brutal fight scenes throughout the show’s first three seasons takes place during the season 2 finale. The epic scene can be watched below: 

Cobra Kai – Season 2 – Final Fight Part 1 (HD Clip – 2020)AWESOME COBRA KAI STUFF! TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS AND SUBSCRIBE TO NEVER MISS AN UPLOAD! Cobra Kai (2018) – Season 2 – Final Fight Part 1 – HD Clip From Season 2 Episode 10 – No Mercy During the first day back at school, Tory hijacks the PA system and calls out Sam for kissing…2020-11-22T03:58:36Z

When Cobra Kai student Tory Nichols (Peyton List) realizes that her boyfriend Miguel Diaz (Xolo Maridueña) kissed his ex-girlfriend Samantha LaRusso (Mary Mouser), she decides to beat her up. After she warns Sam that she is “coming for [her]” on the school’s intercom, the teenagers face off in the hallway. When Sam’s boyfriend Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan) attempts to intervene, Miguel misunderstands his intent. Robby and Miguel soon embark on a battle of their own. Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz (Jacob Bertrand) is excited by the action and starts hitting others, which incites a violent brawl. 

Cobra Kai – Season 2 – Final Fight Part 3 (HD Clip – 2020)AWESOME COBRA KAI STUFF! TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS AND SUBSCRIBE TO NEVER MISS AN UPLOAD! Cobra Kai (2018) – Season 2 – Final Fight Part 3 – HD Clip From Season 2 Episode 10 – No Mercy An all-out karate war between Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do erupts. The war climaxes with Miguel showing mercy to…2020-11-22T05:31:47Z

Sam and Tory continue their brutal battle, which leaves the Miyagi-Do student scarred on her upper arm. Miguel and Robby also fight while arguing over who actually has Sam’s heart. Unfortunately, the teenagers get too close to the railing and Miguel falls onto stairs from a long distance, which temporarily paralyzes him. 

The Show’s Former Stunt Coordinator Spoke About the Season 2 Finale Fight Scene

During an exclusive interview with Heavy in March 2021, the show’s former stunt coordinators, Hiro Koda and Jahnel Curfman discussed the season 2 finale fight scene. Koda explained the no-cut action sequence was initially “written with less characters.” He shared that he expanded the scene because he was aware of the younger cast members’ capabilities as martial artists. 

“So being able to put that together, I was able to add more people into the sequence and make [that shot] as long as possible. It was a difficult one to put together only because we were shooting at a high school, I mean, at a college that was still open so we couldn’t be there during the week to rehearse or do anything,” explained Koda. “We could only be there on the weekends. So we separated with two different weekends to shoot it, and then we had only one day to rehearse prior to that, so we had to do a lot of our choreography at our training facility at the stages. And then be able to take everyone out and work through it, and once the choreography was put together, it was me running the camera and sort of feeling out of how it was going to move and how it was going to work smoothly and where we needed stunt doubles to be placed when they could and not know that it was a stunt double and still keep everything moving as a one-shot sequence without having any cuts.”

Jacob Bertrand Briefly Discussed the Season 2 Finale Fight Scene in August 2021

Jacob Bertrand mentioned the fight scene during an August 2021 live stream, alongside his “Cobra Kai” co-stars William “Billy” Zabka, Peyton List, and Xolo Maridueña. 

“I remember we went in Saturday and Sunday and we just drilled it with Hiro holding his camera, just over and over and over until it was just one huge machine and we could do it with our eyes closed,” shared Bertrand. 

He also noted that the show’s stunt coordinators “make [the cast] feel very confident in whatever [they are] doing.” 

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