‘Cobra Kai’ Creator Teases ‘First Two Scripts’ of Season 5

Cobra Kai Cast

Getty The 'Cobra Kai' cast poses at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con.

In just a few months, “Cobra Kai” fans will be able to watch the show’s highly anticipated fourth season. Most viewers will be pleased to hear that they eventually will have even more episodes to enjoy beyond season 4. According to Variety, the Emmy-nominated martial arts series “has been renewed for Season 5.” The publication also noted that the fifth season is “set to start shooting this fall in Atlanta,” Georgia, where the previous seasons have been filmed.

Hayden Schlossberg Teased Some Information About ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5

On August 27, the official “Cobra Kai” Twitter account posted a brief video that showed the show’s logo along with the roman numeral for five. 

“The dojo is about to be 5x as rad. Cobra Kai has been renewed for a 5th season,” read the caption of the post. 

One of the show’s creators and executive producers, Hayden Schlossberg shared the post on his Twitter account. In his caption, he revealed that at least “two scripts” for “Cobra Kai” season 5 have been written already. He also hinted at how members of the “Karate Kid” fandom will react to the show’s fifth season. 

“Fans must watch IV to have the proper neurology to handle V. If they read the first two scripts we have for V now, their heads would explode,” wrote Schlossberg. 

The “Karate Kid” himself, Ralph Macchio, also took to Twitter and posted the same clip. In the actor’s caption, he expressed gratitude to those who watch “Cobra Kai.” 

“Thank you, fans!! More story coming to you! @CobraKaiSeries S5 starts filming soon! @netflix @SPTV #bestaround,” shared Macchio. 

Ralph Macchio & William Zabka Discussed ‘Cobra Kai’ in May 2021

In May 2021, Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, who plays Daniel’s karate nemesis, Johnny Lawrence, spoke to Deadline about “Cobra Kai.” Macchio shared that he has found making the show “enjoyable,” as not many people expected it to be so successful.

“Everything has achieved a higher expectation than it was going in. Whether it was the announcement of the show, sort of those low expectations that helped us with the YouTube launch and then the fact that the critics all logged on and really endorsed it so much, the fans started conversations about it and then before you knew it, this was kind of became the show to watch,” said Macchio. 

The actor then noted once “Cobra Kai” was made available to watch on Netflix during the summer of 2020, “it was just an explosion around the entire world.”

Zabka and Macchio also shared how they felt returning to the beloved martial arts franchise nearly 35 years after the original film premiered. 

“You’re driving into different areas of both of these characters,” said Macchio. “That’s what our creators Jon [Hurwitz], Josh [Heald], and Hayden [Schlossberg], our showrunners and executive producers, they have this vision for this show and they pitched both of us that from the get-go but to see it realized in the way that it’s working is kind of wonderful to play characters 34 years apart and yet discover new things about them and how they enhance each other and also cripple each other in a way. That’s the joy of what we get to do in every episode.”

Zabka shared similar sentiments. 

“To pick up a character this many years later and you know to reinhabit that and to revisit them today is very fulfilling. It’s like meeting an old friend, you know, in my case, my friend is down on his luck. He’s drinking to much beer but it’s very awesome,” said the 55-year-old with a laugh. 

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