Paul Walter Hauser on if Stingray Will Be in Future Seasons

Paul Walter Hauser

Getty Paul Walter Hauser is photographed at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

In the second season of “Cobra Kai,” Raymond (Paul Walter Hauser) meets Johnny Lawrence (William “Billy” Zabka) while working at a hardware store. During the brief interaction, he reveals that he shares Johnny’s love for the 1980s and karate. Despite being an adult, Raymond eventually joins the Cobra Kai dojo. He later becomes inspired by Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz’s (Jacob Bertrand) transformation and styles his beard differently. He also requests to be called Stingray. In Season 2, Episode 10, Stingray interviews to become a security guard at West Valley High School, where most of his Cobra Kai teammates go to school. During the interview, a massive fight breaks out, and he eagerly joins in. Following the brawl, the high school holds a PTA meeting, and Principal Lopez (Jose Miguel Vasquez) reveals that Stingray “is on probation and not allowed within 500 feet of any child.” 

Paul Walter Hauser Talked About His Character’s Abrupt Absence in a Recent Interview

As fans of “Cobra Kai” are aware, the character was not featured in season 3, which premiered on Netflix in January. During a recent Insider interview, Paul Walter Hauser shared information about Stingray’s abrupt absence. The actor, who portrays Horace Badun in the 2021 Disney Film “Cruella,” stated that “[t]here were conversations of how to put in Stingray” in the third season. He then disclosed that there were some scheduling conflicts, which rendered him unable to appear on the show. 

“I think it came down to the wire because they were prepping it at the same time I was heading out to shoot ‘Cruella,’ so it just wouldn’t have worked out timing-wise,” explained the 34-year-old. 

During the interview, Hauser stated that he would like the opportunity to play Stingray again. The actor also briefly discussed what he believes his character has been up to since the West Valley High School fight. 

“I’m sure he’s looking for a job. He’s in a bathrobe eating a danish and sitting in a family member’s living room looking for jobs on the internet,” said Hauser. 

Hauser Shared Similar Information in a Separate Interview

Hauser shared similar comments about Stingray while speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in May. He stated that the show’s creators, Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald, and Hayden Schlossberg contact him “all the time to check on [him].”

“They’re very sweet, and they want to know what I’m up to and how I’m doing,” said the actor. 

He went on to say that while he wants to be in future seasons of “Cobra Kai,” he would “never want to take precious screen time away from [the show’s] main characters.” However, if Hurwitz, Heald, and Schlossberg decided that they wanted him back on board, he “is all for it.”

During a January interview with Insider, Josh Heald addressed that Stingray and his Cobra Kai teammate Aisha (Nichole Brown) were absent during the show’s third season. He stated that the characters were written off because it is difficult to include everyone’s storyline in “a half-hour show.” He noted, however, that the show’s writers “have a lot of love for the characters of Aisha and Stingray and … continue to talk about them.” 

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