Tanner Buchanan Reveals if Being on Cobra Kai Affects His ‘Body Image’

Tanner Buchanan

Getty Tanner Buchanan poses at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con.

Since its premiere in 2018, Tanner Buchanan has portrayed Johnny Lawrence’s son Robby Keene on Cobra Kai. As fans  are aware, the character, like his father, excels at martial arts. This means that Buchanan had to get into fighting shape. 

In a Recent Interview, Buchanan Discussed His ‘Body Image’


During a recent interview with Glamour, the actor discussed how being on a show that requires him to focus on his physicality has impacted his “body image.” When asked if playing Robby helped him have “a more positive relationship with” how he views his body, the actor told the publication: 

I would maybe say yes and maybe say no. For me when I work out, I’m just doing it to stay healthy. I just want to stay healthy. That’s it. As long as I’m healthy, I don’t care.

He noted, however, that working in the entertainment industry caused him to be conscious about his appearance. 

 “But body image-wise it’s really hard to be in this industry because I have caught myself a few times looking at other actors and thinking, ‘Whoa, they’re jacked. They feel like they’re so big. They got all these muscles that I definitely don’t have,’” explained Buchanan. 

The 22-year-old clarified that he has recently been able to stop comparing himself to actors who have body types that he can not realistically achieve. 

“But I feel like, over the years, I’ve just switched my mind to really just be like, ‘Look, if you’re working out consistently and you’re staying healthy, that’s all you need to do.’  That’s what drives me rather than trying to look like Channing Tatum or Chris Hemsworth as Thor, because I guarantee you, I’m not six foot four, weighing 250 pounds. I’m much smaller than that!” noted the actor.

Buchanan Recently Talked About Training for ‘Cobra Kai’

In January, Buchanan spoke about training for the show’s fight scenes during an Instagram live interview with Backstage. He asserted that Cobra Kai’s cast does quite a bit of the stunt work that makes to the screen, which may be surprising to some fans.  

“I think a lot of people don’t realize I mean all the fighting, a lot of it is, you know, 90 to 95 percent of it us. And we work really really hard to make sure that we can get this down,” stated Buchanan.

He revealed that he and his co-stars put in “just as much work” practicing the stunts as they do “acting.” 

“Because it’s such, I mean, it’s a show that revolves around all the training and the karate so you have to put the time in that,” explained the actor. 

He went on to describe the cast’s training schedule while the show is in production. The actor noted that he and his co-stars are busy as they are splitting their time between practicing stunts and memorizing their scripts.

“While we’re shooting it’s basically no time off. We’re working seven days a week training as much as you possibly can if you’re not shooting, you’re preparing for a fight or training or working on lines it just doesn’t stop,” said Buchanan.

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