The Reason Terry Silver Was Brought Into the Karate Kid Franchise

Terry Silver John Kreese

YouTube The characters Terry Silver and John Kreese appear in 'The Karate Kid Part III.'

Audiences were introduced to the character Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) in the 1989 martial arts film The Karate Kid Part III. In the movie, the  billionaire decides to humiliate Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) at the 1985 All Valley Championship to help his friend John Kreese’s (Martin Kove) Cobra Kai dojo stay afloat. His plan, however, does not come to fruition, and Daniel comes out on top once again. Despite the film not being critically or commercially successful, Silver is one of the most beloved villains in the film franchise. 

The Creator of the ‘Karate Kid’ Revealed Why Terry Silver Was Brought Into the Franchise

John Kreese and Terry Silver

YouTubeJohn Kreese (Martin Kove) and Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) talk about the future of Cobra Kai in “The Karate Kid Part III”

However, the character was not featured in the first draft of the film’s script. In a recent interview that was uploaded on The Cobra Kai Theory YouTube channel, Robert Mark Kamen, who created the Karate Kid, revealed that Kreese was supposed to have a more significant role in the film. However, Martin Kove had a schedule conflict due to booking a television show. 

“Marty had a TV commitment. He couldn’t be in the whole movie. I had to rewrite the script like really fast,” explained the writer. 

He went on to say that Thomas Ian Griffith was then hired to play the movie’s primary antagonist. Kamen then proceeded to compliment the actor and asserted he is nothing like his villainous character. 

“Thomas is a gift from heaven. That’s not Thomas. That over the top lunatic is not Thomas. Thomas is a fun, gentle, happy, really deep guy. He’s really cool. Terry Silver is an insane lunatic,” said Kamen. 

He also noted that he purposefully wrote Silver to be an intense character.  

“He was written that way because I had to get something that — because Marty couldn’t be in everything. Kreese couldn’t be in everything. I had to get something that was even worse. That took it to a crazy higher level,” explained the writer.

Kamen Stated That Silver Will Be Featured in ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 4

Daniel LaRusso & Terry Silver

YouTubeDaniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) train together in “The Karate Kid Part III.”

During the interview, Kamen also stated that Silver will soon return to the San Fernando Valley on the acclaimed series Cobra Kai.

“Now he’ll be in Season 4 and Season 5 of Cobra Kai,” asserted the screenwriter.

The show’s creators Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald have not confirmed that Griffin will reprise the iconic role. However, during the interview, Kamen stated that he recently talked to the actor “before he went down to Atlanta,” where Cobra Kai Season 4 is currently in production. He revealed that he instructed Griffin to “[dail] down the insanity” of Silver while shooting the upcoming season. 

“You know when we met him he’s in a bubble bath with a glass of champagne… It’s like what are you doing,” said Kamen.

He then reiterated that he characterized Silver to have a tendency toward the dramatics so that his presence was even “bigger than Kreese.”

“Kreese was a big something. You know, Marty was a big — and Marty is a big presence. He’s a big something. We needed something else and [Silver] was it. Marty is you know this serious, solid rock… [Silver] is just out of his mind but funny… Everything is a joke to him and he can indulge his worst fantasies, you know, because he can,” said the writer.

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