Will Tory & Sam’s Rivalry Worsen on Cobra Kai? Mary Mouser Weighs in

Tory and Sam fight

YouTube Sam dreams that Tory attacks her in 'Cobra Kai.'

As fans of Cobra Kai are aware, Samantha LaRusso (Mary Mouser) and Tory Nichols (Peyton List) have an intense rivalry. Upon first meeting at the country club in Season 2, Episode 4, Sam believes Tory stole her mother’s wallet and grabs her bag. Tory then shoves her away, causing her to fall into the dessert table. Their animosity towards each other intensifies when Sam realizes the Cobra Kai student is dating her ex-boyfriend Miguel Diaz (Xolo Maridueña). While the teenager is in a relationship with Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan), she seems to still have feelings for her former flame.

Miguel and Sam later share a kiss at Moon’s party, unaware that Tory was watching the intimate moment. In retaliation, she attacks Sam in the halls of West Valley High School, leaving a permanent scar on her upper arm. The massive fight ends when Robby accidentally kicks Miguel over the balcony, severely injuring him.

Mary Mouser Discussed Sam and Tory’s Rivalry in a January Interview

Tory & Sam

YouTubeTory and Sam face off at Moon’s party.

During a January interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mary Mouser commented on the tension between Tory and Sam. She noted that their relationship mirrors Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and Daniel LaRusso’s (Ralph Macchio) long-standing rivalry.

“I guess, I didn’t realize until Season 3 came out that people were saying like, ‘you know, that Tory and Sam are like Daniel and Johnny,’ because the rivalry is just so deep and so fueled by anger and just so — and I looked at it. And I was like, ‘not only is that first off all epic and so cool, huge fan,’ but second of all I was like, ‘oh that’s like a new way of thinking about it,’” said the actress.

She noted that she is unsure how their rivalry will play out in future seasons and reference the scene in Season 2, Episode 8, when Sam is thrown out of the skating rink for tripping Tory.

“I think that’s the fun of this world is that it just keeps going. Every time that it’s like they could be friends now it’s like or maybe not. Maybe instead it’s like we’ll just trip each other at the skating rink and it all goes downhill from there,” said the 24-year-old.

Mouser Also Commented on the Possibility of Tory & Robby Dating

Tory faces off Sam.

YouTube Tory faces off Sam LaRusso in ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 2.

Later on in the interview, she discussed the possibility of Tory dating Sam’s ex-boyfriend Robby Keene in Cobra Kai Season 4. She noted if that were to happen, their rivalry would worsen.

“Just what they need, just what they need is more fuel to this fire. As if it wasn’t just like stoked enough. That’s the fun right? Me as a viewer — I would love that. I love the drama but me as Samantha, I’d be like, ‘hands off, he needs a good influence, not more bad,’” said Mouser.

The Entertainment Weekly reporter Rosy Cordero revealed that in a previous interview Peyton List acknowledged there was a “genuine connection” between Tory and Robby, which seemed to surprise Mouser.

“Alright, Peyton, I see you. I’ll be texting her later. I’ll be like, ‘excuse me which boyfriend you coming for now?’” teased the actress.

To see more Mouser and List, be sure to watch Cobra Kai, available to stream on Netflix.

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