Cobra Kai Creator Reveals Why Amanda LaRusso Is an Important Character

Amanda & Daniel Cobra Kai

YouTube Amanda talks to Daniel in "Cobra Kai."

In the acclaimed series “Cobra Kai,” Courtney Henggeler plays Amanda LaRusso. Throughout most of the show, the character has limited patience for her husband, Daniel’s (Ralph Macchio) many karate rivalries. Due to this, there are times where she is unintentionally minimizing dangerous situations involving ruthless sensei John Kreese (Martin Kove).

One of the Show’s Creators Discussed Why Amanda Is Important On “Cobra Kai”

While speaking on the Paley Front Row panel, one of “Cobra Kai” creators and executive producers, Josh Heald, discussed why he enjoys writing Amanda’s dialogue. He explained that the character is important, as she conveys an outsider’s perspective and highlights some of the more absurd aspects of the “Karate Kid” franchise.

“It was one of our most fun characters to write when we are in the writers room thinking about this season because it’s always — we drive so hard into the immersion of the stakes of this show are so high and so unbelievable and so palpable but if you take one micro-step back you realize that it’s a bunch of adults you know karate fighting and you know, putting themselves in life and death situations over some karate school. So it literally teeters on the head of a pin. And it’s so nice when you have characters kind of take the air out of the balloon a little bit,” explained the writer.

He went on to say that “it’s so gratifying to have a character … say you realize how ridiculous this is.” The executive producer also referenced that in season 3, Amanda realizes that Kreese is a threat to her family. As fans are aware, in season 3, episode 6, the character heads over to the Cobra Kai dojo after Hawk breaks Demetri’s arm. The mother-of-two briefly talks to Kreese before slapping him.

“The turn was great in season 3 to see that like she finally gets drawn into it, experiences it, and Daniel has a bit of you see like now you see why my heart is in something so much,” said the executive producer.

During the panel, Courtney Henggeler also discussed the scene where Amanda slaps Kreese. She revealed that she was eager to have stunt work on the show and offered to “knee him in the groin.”

“They were like, ‘no just the slap’ and I was like, ‘I’ll take it. I will,’” recalled the actress.

She then revealed that she was “nervous” about the scene and was focused on “look[ing] cool in front of Martin Kove.” The actress also shared that she “think[s] it earned his respect.”

“To this day he’s like, ‘you’re the only woman who has ever laid a hand on me’,” said Henggeler.

Courtney Henggeler Also Spoke About the Slap in a December 2020 Interview

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly in December 2020, Henggeler shared similar information about filming the scene. She revealed that she had not previously worked with Kove on the show. She also noted that she did not intend to make contact during the scene.

“Martin was helping me with the slap, there was a stunt coordinator helping me with the slap, it was all going great and then they were like, ‘great Courtney let’s do one more.’ And I did. And I hit him in the face. Hard. Unintentionally, obviously. And all I’m thinking is don’t make a face. And I think it’s the take the used,” said the actress.

To see more of Henggeler, check out “Cobra Kai,” available on Netflix.

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