Did Elisabeth Shue and William Zabka Ever Date In Real Life?

Ali (Elisabeth Shue) and Johnny (William Zabka) say goodbye in Season 3, Episode 10.

YouTube Ali (Elisabeth Shue) and Johnny (William Zabka) say goodbye in Season 3, Episode 10.

As fans are aware, Dr. Ali Mills Schwarber (Elisabeth Shue) made an appearance during the third season of the acclaimed series Cobra Kai. After a brief Facebook correspondence with her high school boyfriend, Johnny Lawrence (William “Billy” Zabka), she gets lunch with him. He apologizes for his past behavior, and the Colorado-based doctor reveals she has separated from her husband. They then head over to the popular date spot Golf N’ Stuff and almost kiss while cozying up together on a bench. In the season finale, the former couple attends a Christmas party held at the Encino Oaks Country Club. While they have a clear attraction to each other, Ali tells Johnny to pursue a relationship with his karate student, Miguel Diaz’s mother Carmen (Vanessa Rubio).

During their scenes Zabka and Shue have amazing chemistry, which may have led some fans to wonder if they ever dated off-screen. 

Both Shue and Zabka Are Currently Married To Other People

Elisabeth Shue

Getty ImagesElisabeth Shue is photographed at the American Express Gala.

A relationship between the two actors has never been confirmed, and it is unlikely that they have been romantically involved. Both Shue and Zabka are currently married. 

Shue has been married to filmmaker Davis Guggenheim since 1994, as reported by the publication Nicki Swift. The Today Show noted that the couple has three children together, Miles, Stella, and Agnes Charles. 

Zabka is private about his personal life, and not many details about his family have been released to the public. According to Glamour Path, the actor wed his wife, Stacie, over 12 years ago. They share two children, ages 11 and 7. 

Shue Recently Spoke About Her On-Screen Relationship With Zabka

William Zabka

GettyWilliam Zabka talks on a panel during the 2019 San Diego Comic Con.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Shue commented on acting alongside Zabka and the “Karate Kid” himself, Ralph Macchio. She noted that their time together on set of Cobra Kai  “was literally like a high school reunion.” 

“We kept reminiscing and laughing, constantly reliving the first Karate Kid every minute between takes. Nonstop reminiscing about our experience and laughing about what a great movie it turned out to be,” explained the 57-year-old. 

The Cocktail star also discussed Ali’s relationship with Johnny on Cobra Kai. She noted that the characters only interacted negatively in the first installment of the film franchise. 

“We never got to have a [normal] scene. So I loved getting a chance to do that. In [Cobra Kai], we talked and communicated and acted together, and I loved that. So that was really surprising and wonderful to almost start a new relationship really,” explained the mother-of-three. 

Shue then revealed that she was willing to share an on-screen kiss with Zabka. She told the publication:

But yeah, I would have been up for a kiss. Are you kidding me? I’m bummed! They could have had a kiss! I think it was in deference to wanting Johnny to feel that he could go back to his relationship [with Carmen], which meant so much to him, without feeling that he had anything to feel conflicted about. I’m sure that was the reason. Other than that, I would’ve gone right in there and gotten a great one. 

To see more of Zabka and Shue, be sure to watch Cobra Kai Season 3, available to watch on Netflix.

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