Xolo Maridueña Shares Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Season 4

Xolo Maridueña in 2020.

Getty Xolo Maridueña in 2020.

Following the release of the “Cobra Kaiseason 4 trailer on December 9, Xolo Maridueña, who plays Miguel Diaz, shared a series of behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram. The first image showed the actor dressed in Miguel’s prom outfit, which will be featured in the fourth season, premiering on December 31, 2021. The next image consisted of William “Billy” Zabka, who plays Johnny Lawrence, standing next to Gianni DeCenzo, who plays Demetri. Zabka folded his arms and looked directly at the camera. DeCenzo had what appears to be a mattress adhered to him with duct tape. The final image featured Khalil Everage, who plays Chris.

“So I guess now that you guys have seen the trailer I can post some of these…. [eyes emoji] just wait till you see the other ones. @xolosphotos,” read the caption of the post. 

Quite a few fans flocked to the post’s comments section to share their excitement for “Cobra Kai” season 4. 

“Can’t wait for season 4!!” wrote one fan. 

“This season is gon be sick!!! [Raised hand emoji],” added another. 

“THIS WILL BE THE BEST SEASON EVER,” chimed in a third Instagram user. 

Xolo Maridueña Spoke About His Character in August 2021

While speaking to LATV Network in August 2021, Xolo Maridueña discussed his relationship with his “Cobra Kai” co-stars. 

“I think you know it’s something that was super fortunate about filming the show is that we really did connect at a family level from the get-go,” explained the Los Angeles native. “There wasn’t any sort of hesitation when it came to getting to know each other and a lot of that comes from, we didn’t know anyone else in Atlanta [where “Cobra Kai” is filmed]. It was like when we weren’t filming we were at home alone so I think it really made the process of getting to know each other just come and go much quicker.” 

During the interview, Maridueña mentioned that he appreciates when his character interacts with his unconventional sensei Johnny, who has an estranged relationship with his son, Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan).

“The dynamic between Johnny, this guy who really had a bad run with his own son so he’s kind of finding that in Miguel and Miguel, who didn’t really have a father but is looking for that in Johnny, I think provides for some pretty funny rapport between the two of them,” said Maridueña. 

One of the Show’s Creators Discussed How Johnny & Miguel Will Interact in Season 4

During a December 2021 interview with Screen Rant, the creators of “Cobra Kai” Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald, and Hayden Schlossberg shared some information about Miguel’s storyline in season 4, specifically his relationship with his sensei Johnny.

“It’s one of the central surrogate father/son stories of our universe,” said the executive producer. 

Heald also noted that Johnny started dating Miguel’s mother Carmen (Vanessa Rubio) in season 3. 

“Obviously, there’s the issue hanging in the balance of Johnny and Carmen and how that will affect Johnny and Miguel’s relationship, for better or for worse. How will Miguel react to his sensei suddenly being his sensei if that news comes out?” said Heald.

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