Cookie Monsta aka Tony Cook Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Cookie Monsta Dead

Facebook/Cookie Monsta Official Cookie Monsta pictured on his Facebook page in August 2018.

Cookie Monsta aka Tony Cook has died at the age of 31, according to a statement from his record label Circus Records. Cook’s cause of death has not been made public at the time of writing. He is survived by his son, Olly.

Circus Records released a statement on October 2:

Our beloved Tony Cook (aka Cookie Monsta) has left us. We are devastated, no words can contain our feelings on such a day. All of our thoughts go to Tony’s family, friends and our heart especially goes out to Tony’s son Olly, the Mini Monsta.

The world will miss you Cookie, we will miss you brother.

Out of respect for Tony’s family, we will hold off on commenting any further until deemed appropriate.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Cook’s First Experience With Music Was on the Playstation Game MTV Music Generator

According to a profile on his management’s website, Cook was a native of Nottingham, England. He studied music technology in college following “hours” on his brother’s Playstation working with musical sounds on the video game Music 2000, known as MTV Music Generator in the United States. The profile ends with the words:

All Cookie Monsta wants is to have a good time and he wants you to enjoy yourself too, so with world domination on his to-do list, watch for a visit to a town near you soon, join in, have a laugh and brock out.

A separate profile says of Cook, “If you crave the downright nasty dubstep then Cookie Monsta’s your guy.” Cook’s Spotify profile says the DJ adopted his Cookie Monsta persona in 2008. He released his first mixtape, Maryland Chocolate Chip Mix. His first professional release, the EP Riot!, dropped in 2012.

2. In 2018, Cook Said He Discovered as an Adult That He Had Been Suffering From Depression for Most of His Life

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A post shared by Cookie Monsta (@cookiemonstacircus) on Mar 10, 2020 at 10:48am PDT

Cook wrote in a December 2018 tweet that he did not realize he suffered with depression until he was older. Cook said, “Sometimes I’m absolutely emotional-less and then other times I’m extremely emotion-full.”

Cook was last active on his various social media profiles on August 21 when he posted a link to a new track that he remixed.

3. In 2019, Cook Canceled a Series of Shows Due to ‘Mental Health Issues’

In May 2019, Cook canceled a series of performances due to “mental health issues.” Cook said in a statement that he was taking time away from social media in order to work through his problems. He said the break from social media was not enough, though, and that he needed to take time away from performing. Despite not performing live, Cook continued to record and release new music.

4. Cook Said in a 2017 Interview That Making ‘Hardcore Dubstep Is Really F****** Hard’

Cook said in an October 2017 interview with EDM Identity that he felt as though the dubstep music scene in the United Kingdom was non-existent and that the United States had a better scene. Cook said the music in the U.K. was dominated by “elitism” with older artists disliking what younger artists are doing for the sake of it.

In the same interview, Cook said he often made music in the studio that was just for himself. Cook said the music was different from his traditional dubstep sound:

Making hardcore dubstep for a long time, for nearly ten years now, is really f****** hard. And sometimes I get in the studio and I can’t make it. I genuinely, physically cannot make it because it grinds you down. It’s good to just make weird shit and just refresh and start again. Just clear your browser history.

5. Cook Described His Music as ‘Something to Tear Your House Down To’

Cookie Monsta instagram

Instagram/Cookie Monsta

Cook told the Ministry of Sound’s website in 2015 that his music could be described as “something to tear down your house to.” Cook spoke about his ideal Sunday after a night of partying being a day in the park with his son.

When asked about his preparation routine before shows, Cook said, “I make sure to go to the bathroom until the last minute as possible, the last thing you need is a piss half way through you’re set! Also don’t drink beers, drink spirits!”

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