Fans Slam ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Pro For ‘Inappropriate,’ ‘Vulgar’ Behavior

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Professional dancers on ABC’sDancing With the Stars” spend months at a time outside the ballroom, as the show only airs one season a year. In that time, pros often turn to social media and other services to stay in contact with their fans.

For 26-year-old “Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Alan Bersten, that means playing video games while streaming to his audience on The pro often streams games like Call of Duty and Fall Guys while talking to his chat.

In one case, however, fans of “Dancing With the Stars” have taken to Reddit to say that they do not approve of Bersten’s behavior while live streaming.

Fans Say Bersten is Graphic and Vulgar on Twitch

In one Reddit thread on the “Dancing With the Stars” subreddit, fan u/Back_In_Saint_Olaf talked about Bersten’s live streams and said they do not like the behavior he exhibits while streaming.

After asking if anyone else watches Bersten’s streams, they explained that they took a look after seeing one of Bersten’s fans talk about Twitch on Instagram.

“I always thought Alan was the absolute sweetest and nicest guy, but watching these streams has been… a bit eye-opening seeing the profanity and yelling and raging,” the user wrote. “Is this how he acts in real life? With his dance partners? Scary?”

The user said that during a now-deleted live stream from Bersten’s channel, he “spent an hour talking about putting his nuts in some guys’ mouth and face and the most vulgar one was can you fit my d**** in your mouth.”

The thread continues, adding that they wanted to know what others thought about Bersten’s behavior.

One person commented, saying, “If it turns out Alan has an offending discourse on this platform like homophobic or racist and anything like that he should absolutely be called out for it and potentially fired from the show. Otherwise when you look a little at those streams this is like condensed locker room talk.”

“Yeah I stopped watching a few weeks ago when he called a teen chatter baby girl and told his chat why Brandon Armstrong is called Baby D,” another wrote. “I’m like this isn’t the Alan I know and love.”

Some Viewers Jumped to Bersten’s Defense

While some people responded to the thread agreeing with the original poster, others defended Bersten and said that is not the experience they had while watching the professional dancer play video games.

“I don’t watch his streams, but I have friends who do and they say this is very misleading,” one person commented. “Alan doesn’t even swear on Twitter or Insta.”

They added that the young pro is “very kind and professional with his students and dance partners.”

Others thought Bersten went too far in some cases but shouldn’t be facing backlash.

“He’s not doing anything to harm anyone imho,” one person commented on the thread. “Now if he showed up to work, or teaching a class calling people these names then be alarmed. But his gaming is being done in his own home with like-minded individuals who also seem to enjoy the gaming experience. It’s really not something others who do not play would really understand.”

Another person wrote, “Just cause Alan acts this way doesn’t mean he’s a bad person it’s literally not that big of a deal. And if any other pro did the same, I would feel similar. It’s whatever. Profanity isn’t for everyone.”

“Dancing With the Stars” will return in the fall of 2021 for an all-new season. The new season will likely air starting in mid-September.

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