‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fans Slam Host: ‘Awkward’

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ABC "Dancing With the Stars" fans are annoyed with Alfonso Ribeiro.

Some viewers of “Dancing With the Stars” are annoyed with cohost Alfonso Ribeiro after the Monday, October 10, 2022 episode.

While Ribeiro has received many compliments on his new role as cohost for the show alongside Tyra Banks, some fans think he still has some aspects of the job to work on.

Ribeiro was announced as a “Dancing With the Stars” co-host in July 2022, taking over some of the duties from Tyra Banks, who has been hosting the show since season 29.

Some Fans Think Ribeiro Makes the Interviews Too Much About Himself in the ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Skybox

In a Reddit thread, some fans shared their thoughts about how Ribeiro is doing on the show, and they weren’t all positive thoughts.

“Don’t hate me for this because I DO think he’s a good addition to the show,” the thread reads. “But does anyone else think he makes the interviews in the sky box too much about himself? Literally every answer a celeb gives he says ‘I know I know because when I was on the show…'”

They compared Ribeiro to a “friend who tries to relate to you but in turn makes the whole conversation about themselves.”

Many people in the replies agreed with the original post.

“The one that made me laugh was when he was talking to one of the front runners … and he was like, ‘I was on the top of the leaderboard every week, so I know how stressful it is,'” one reply reads.

Some said they think the reason the interviews get “awkward” is simply because of their length, not because of the host. The interviews are necessary because there are no commercials on season 31 of “Dancing With the Stars.” During the interviews, then, the crew has to clean up from the previous dance, and however long that takes is how long the interview needs to last.

“It would be nice to see the troupe get more dance time or more little demos of what the dances are supposed to look like/some close ups on proper technique,” one person wrote. “Or even make the training packages longer.”

Others pointed out that the point of a co-host is to conduct the interviews and relate to the contestants.

Ribeiro Was Surprised by a Few Contestants on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 31

Ribeiro visited Sherri Shepherd’s show  “Sherri,” and he shared some information about his job on “Dancing With the Stars” and which contestants on season 31 have surprised him.

The comedian and actor shared that being in the skybox is a “very specific job to help the contestants sell themselves to America.”

When it comes to who surprised him the most, Ribeiro shared his thoughts about two contestants.

“The two people that surprised me the most is Daniel Durant, who is deaf,” Ribeiro told Shepherd. “And the ability to dance without hearing the music. To not be able to hear the music…and he is so right on the beat. Total surprise for me.”

“The other is Joseph Baena,” Ribeiro added. “He’s a big boy. That’s Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son. He’s a big man. It’s hard to make proper lines and look graceful when you’re that muscular. And Daniella [Karagach] does such a great job with him. Those are the two surprises, like,  I didn’t expect.”

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