DWTS Couple Reveals When They Fell In Love


“Dancing With the Stars” couple Artem Chigvintsev and Nikki Bella recently revealed when they fell in love with each other. The two were paired together on “Dancing With the Stars” season 25 in the fall of 2017 where they finished in seventh place, but they did not start dating until early 2019.

They became engaged in November 2019 and welcomed their son, Matteo, in July 2020. They are now looking at finally getting married in the fall of 2022 after they had to postpone several times due to issues related to the pandemic.

Artem Said For Him It Was a Gradual ‘Realization’

On the May 4 episode of the Bella twins’ podcast, “The Bellas Podcast,” Nikki asked her fiance when he knew he was in love with her and he said it wasn’t one specific moment.

“You just know it. There’s no specific second … that doesn’t happen that way,” said Artem, adding, “The feelings inside just keep building up, you’re experiencing life together and that’s what transforms and molds into that visual. I think it first comes in as a visual in your mind. It doesn’t come in like, ‘Yes, I want to marry that.’ That’s not how it works for me. You visualize and when you’re visualizing in your head and then it becomes a reality.”

He continued, “It’s kind of like an on-going evolvement in your mind of actual relationship … and you come to a realization of ‘yeah, I want to marry this girl.'”

Now, he previously said on the podcast that after he met Nikki for the first time when they found out they were paired up for “Dancing With the Stars,” he called an executive producer and said he was “in love” with Nikki.

“I actually called the executive producer [of ‘Dancing With the Stars’] right after our first meet and I even said, ‘Wow, this girl’s incredible.’ Actually, I said that I think I’m in love,” said Artem, adding, “I didn’t really understand what it meant for me at the time, but it’s just kind of like when you meet the certain person that you don’t really understand how you feel yet, you have this overwhelming — a lot of feelings and you don’t know how to cope with it and you don’t know what to do with it and you’re just trying to manage it as much as you can in the best way you can … it just kind of hit me.”

But perhaps it was that he “didn’t understand what it meant” at the time and only realized it really might have been love later on, looking back.

Nikki Said She Knew ‘Pretty Quickly’ that Artem Was the One

On the May 4 episode, Nikki said that she knew “pretty quickly” that Artem was the one for her, and that she basically didn’t want to spend another day without him.

“I just remember all of a sudden at one point feeling like ‘I don’t ever want to have a day without this man. Like, I want him around forever and for every day,'” said Nikki, adding, “You have this smell … it’s like I could close my eyes and I could just smell it and I’m calm and at peace and I know everything’s gonna be OK. I remember starting to feel that.”

She went on to say that it’s hard to explain, but she just started having the feeling of “I want this every day. I don’t ever want this to go away, this guy.”

But on an October 2020 episode of “The Bellas,” Nikki did clarify that it didn’t happen for her during her time on “Dancing With the Stars.” She said she definitely felt an “emotional bond” with Artem then, but she was engaged to wrestler John Cena at the time and didn’t develop romantic feelings for Artem at that point.

“Dancing With the Stars” returns for its 31st season in the fall of 2022 on Disney Plus.

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