DWTS Champ Gives Update Following Husband’s Hospitalization

DWTS Mirrorball Trophy

ABC DWTS Mirrorball Trophy.

A “Dancing With the Stars” champ has some good news to share after her husband was hospitalized.

On August 10, 2022, Bindi Irwin and her husband Chandler Powell uploaded a shared post and revealed that he had been in the hospital where he underwent surgery to have his tonsils removed. The procedure went well and Powell is recovering.

“Just wanted to write a note to my amazing wife. I had to get my tonsils out and she has been taking the best care of me. I’m so lucky to be loved by you, @bindisueirwin,” Powell wrote in a joint post shared by both him and Irwin.

Here’s what you need to know:

Powell Shared a Photo of Himself in a Hospital Bed

Powell appeared to be in good spirits as he smiled in a photo taken at the hospital. He was wearing blue scrubs and gave the camera a smile as Irwin sort of cuddled in next to him for the pic.

While a tonsillectomy is a fairly standard surgery that doesn’t require too much downtime, the recovery, especially for an adult, can be quite painful.

According to the Mayo Clinic, doctors may suggest that a patient have his or her tonsils removed for a multitude of reasons, including “recurring, chronic or severe tonsillitis, “complications of enlarged tonsils, bleeding of the tonsils, [or], other rare diseases of the tonsils.” Additionally, a patient may opt for a tonsillectomy to help with breathing, especially at night.

The recovery period is about 10 days. Swelling is a common post-surgery side effect and patients are encouraged to drink plenty of fluids and eat foods that are “easy to swallow” in addition to keeping up with any prescribed medications.

As each day passes, Powell will continue to feel better — and it appears as though he has a great nurse in his wife.

Powell Thanked Irwin’s Mom for Helping Out With Grace

As Powell focuses on getting himself 100% better, he gave his mother-in-law a shoutout as she has helped care for baby Grace.

“Thank you Bunny (my awesome mum-in-law) for taking care of Grace while we’ve been in the hospital and I’ve been recovering,” Powell’s Instagram captioned read.

Irwin dropped by to leave her husband a sweet message.

“Sweetheart, always always always here for you. Being married to you is the very best and I’m so proud of you,” she wrote.

Fans sent their well wishes to Powell in the comments section of the post.

“Wishing you a quick recovery @chandlerpowell You’re definitely in the best hands,” one Instagram user commented.

“Get well soon!! I heard getting your tonsils out as an adult is worse than when you’re a kid. I still have mine,” another comment read.

“Not a fun operation Chandler! I know … I had it done! Always nice to have a loved one to help,” someone else added.

“You guys are so gorgeous and wholesome, it’s such an awesome antidote to the world as it is right now,” a fourth person said.

“I’ve heard getting tonsils out as s adult is really painful. Lucky you have great family to look after you,” read a fifth comment.

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