‘Dancing With the Stars’ Winner Shares Touching Tribute to Late Father

Bindi Irwin

Getty Bindi Irwin shared a touching tribute to her late father.

Bindi Irwin took some time to pay tribute to her late father, Steve Irwin, on his birthday.

The “Dancing With the Stars” Mirrorball champion and “Crikey! It’s the Irwins” star shared an image of herself with her father before he died as well as wrote a nice post about what his legacy means to her. In the photo, Steve holds a snake and smiles while holding a flashlight-holding Bindi in his other arm.

“Happy Birthday to the greatest dad and Wildlife Warrior,” Bindi shared. “Today I’ll watch ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ with Grace Warrior and share stories about her incredible Grandpa Crocodile. I love you with all my heart. Your legacy lives on.”

Steve died on September 4, 2006, when he was 44 years old after being stung by a sting-ray, according to Biography.com.

Bindi Has a Tattoo in Her Dad’s Handwriting

On January 6, 2022, Irwin shared a tribute to her father’s memory by getting a tattoo in his handwriting.

“The words I spoke to our daughter as I held her for the first time in my arms were, ‘My graceful warrior,'” Bindi wrote. “That’s how her name was born. This is my dad’s handwriting to keep him with me, always. Our dear alligator, Daisy, is next to these words to represent our conservation work as Wildlife Warriors.”

She added, “And my beautiful wedding ring in bloom. Validation every day of the three most important things in my life: family, purpose, and unconditional love. Since Grace’s breastfeeding journey ended, now felt like the perfect time for this empowering artwork.”

Robert also shared a tribute to his late father on his birthday.

“I love you and I miss you more every single day,” he wrote. “My earliest memories are my fondest, thanks to you. Hanging on tight to the handlebars of the motorbike, when you’d take Bindi and I on your morning lap of the zoo – before going to get ice cream for breakfast. Every morning spent with you was a blessing.”

Robert Irwin Wants to do ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Robert, Bindi’s younger brother, says that he would love to follow in his sister’s footsteps and join “Dancing With the Stars.”

“We’ve gotta do that, don’t we?” he told ET Online in January 2022. “Yeah, I reckon it’s about time, eh?”

His mother, Terri Irwin, then joked, “When he’s not wrangling tortoises, he’s just dancing.”

Bindi then told the reporter that, “You know, he just dances up a storm. He does, just look at him!”

Robert said that he would “definitely give it a go” and that his sister would be able to give him tips on how to get further on the show.

“I think it’d be like watching your dad dance,” Terri told her son. “Really entertaining.”

According to the interview, the Irwins keep Bindi’s trophy at the Australian Zoo.

“This is a mom thing. OK? This is what I did. It’s like the Bindi shrine. It has the dress she wore when she won the Mirrorball and this giant picture. So this wasn’t Bindi’s idea, but it’s the Bindi shrine, and I’m very proud of it.”

“Dancing With the Stars” has not yet been renewed for season 31. If it does get renewed, the show will return sometime in mid-September of 2022.

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