One DWTS Winner Admits They Didn’t Deserve to Win

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In a recent interview, one “Dancing With the Stars” winner admitted he didn’t deserve to win because of his dancing — but Bobby Bones thinks he found a creative way to win and could coach others to do the same. Read on to find out what he said and if he would ever return to the ballroom to compete again.

Bones Said The Viewers Identified With Him

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In an interview with US Weekly, Bones admitted that he was “one of the worst dancers,” but he thinks the viewers strongly identified with him.

“Listen, I won and I was one of the worst dancers, right? I used the power of the people. What they’ve done is they’ve kind of eliminated some of that. They saw how I went in with people that identify with who I was and they changed the system a little bit where they want better dancing to be rewarded,” said Bones.

He’s not wrong. In an interview with “Entertainment Tonight,’ judge Carrie Ann Inaba talked about having to revamp the voting system after Bones’ win in season 27.

“I do know that we have made some adjustments to the judging because we got a lot of complaints,” said Inaba. “We listened to what everybody said about what happened last year.”

At Its Core, It’s a Popularity Contest

Bobby Bones talks his 'Dancing with the Stars' win and shows off his best moves l GMAOne of the most powerful men in country music talks his role on "American Idol," and more.2019-03-29T14:30:52Z

Even former host Tom Bergeron has acknowledged that the show is a popularity contest, something that riles the fans up.

“Every season on the show we’ll get complaints ‘Well, it’s not a dance show, it’s a popularity contest!’ Well, yeah, you’re right, it is partly that. It is partly a dance show, the popularity is informed by the dance,” said Bergeron in a Television Academy Foundation interview, adding, “You want a pure dance show, PBS is always there for you.”

Bones echoed those sentiments in his recent interview, saying that in real life, the “best” person doesn’t always come out on top.

“In real life, the best person doesn’t always get the job. It’s the person that is easiest to work with, it’s the person that’s pretty good but works hard. The kind of people that I represent, so [the viewers] took that from me,” said Bones.

For him, the show represented working hard at something and having the hard work rewarded.

“[‘Dancing With the Stars’] to me represented what it’s like to work hard, not know what you’re doing, and with the help of great people around you, you’re able to achieve something and that’s what I was able to do,” said Bones.

He added, “I know I’m not the greatest dancer. I know that. But what I did was I channeled the poeple. I think even if I went back and mentored on that show like I do ‘Idol,’ I could teach someone how to win that show just being a middle-of-the-road dancer.”

In the same interview, Bones also revealed he was in talks to replace Bergeron and Erin Andrews when the show fired them last year, but he ultimately couldn’t make the scheduling work.

“Dancing With the Stars” season 30 is expected to premiere in September 2021 on ABC.

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