DWTS Fans Defend Carrie Ann Inaba, Call Out Double Standard

Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli attend the ABC Television Network Upfront

Getty Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli attend the ABC Television Network Upfront

Some “Dancing With the Stars” fans recently called out judge Carrie Ann Inaba for being “misogynistic” on the show in the way she scores and comments on female celebrities versus male celebrities. But other fans think there is a double standard at play here — the misogyny is in fact that she is “picked apart” more than her male colleagues. Here is what the fans who are defending Carrie Ann have to say.

‘Carrie Ann Is Not The Problem,’ Say Fans

In a Reddit thread in response to the accusations of Carrie Ann being too hard on the female dancers, which some fans have deemed “misogynistic,” other fans are voicing their support for the judge and calling out the double standard.

“People have been leveling this accusation against [Carrie Ann] for seasons. Every comment she makes is picked apart. Her tone isn’t right, her facial expressions are off, why did she say it like that, etc, etc. Yet I don’t see her making comments that are vastly different from her male counterparts,” wrote one Reddit poster.

The commenter went on to say that the people calling her a misogynist are “just as bad” in the way they are treating Carrie Ann.

The user writes:

They use the overscoring of the men as an example. Her scoring isn’t any different than the rest of the panel. It’s like she’s the only one giving out 9s and 10s but wait, there’s Len, Derek, and Bruno right next to her giving out similar or the same scores even. Everyone is overscoring the men! But let’s put all the blame on Carrie Ann. Len gave Melora a 10 and it was hotly debated whether she deserved it or not, but I never saw one word said against Len for giving it to her. Carrie Ann is the lift police and that’s somehow a reason to hate her and say she’s toxic but Len poo-poos anything that’s not strictly ballroom and we stan him. Look at that lovable grumpy pants! It’s my opinion that the vast majority of people complaining about Carrie Ann being problematic are just as bad in how they view women versus men.

The user also called out people who pick apart host Tyra Banks and in the past who criticized other female hosts like Samantha Harris, Brooke Burke, and Erin Andrews. Yet the user said host Tom Bergeron “made mistakes too … and never got raked over the coals for it.”

Many Fans Chimed In In Agreement

One fan just flatly stated, “While I sometimes don’t agree with her scores… objectively I actually think she’s the most consistent, fair judge on the panel out of all of them.”

Another wondered if they’re just “too used to Simon Cowell’s judging,” but Carrie Ann’s comments never seem that room to the fan, who wrote, “People do love to over-exaggerate how rude she is when critiquing and when I watch her comments back I’m like ‘that’s it?'”

To which someone pointed out that when Cowell is mean, people love his comments, but they go after Carrie Ann for the same thing. They also pointed out that back in the day, Cheryl Burke would get blasted for speaking up to the judges, while male pro dancer Maks Chmerkovskiy would do the same thing and people would just say he was “passionately sticking up for his partners.”

Another fan said that Julianne Hough received the same kind of backlash that Carrie Ann receives when she was a judge, writing, “When Julianne was a judge she was ripped apart nonstop every season…. And for what? She was a decent judge, had great critiques. She didn’t deserve any of the vitriol she got. And like you said, same with the co-hosts. Erin seldomly got any praise when meanwhile she was a fantastic co-host and the cast and crew clearly liked her. I usually dismiss most of the Carrie Ann hate for the same reason. People just don’t like a strong, confident woman giving critiques towards their fav’s, or towards men.”

Several fans think it’s very unfair the different way Carrie Ann and Len Goodman are treated by fans, writing, “The way people speak about Len vs. Carrie Ann are vastly different. ‘Grumpy old man’ and ‘bitter, jealous misogynist’ don’t seem comparable to me. … When it comes to Len I find a lot of his commentary to be rude and cutting in a way that is belittling to the celebrities. … I get being honest with the contestants but Len takes that way too far sometimes.”

“Dancing With the Stars” season 30 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on ABC.

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