DWTS Pro Admits She Just Learned To Do Laundry at Age 38


ABC DWTS pro dancers.

Cheryl Burke has been dancing since she was a child, but she says the devotion she put into her craft has made her deficient in other areas of her life.

“Dancing has been a part of my life since I was four years old,” the 38-year-old ”Dancing with the Stars” pro dancer once told Tokyo Weekender.

By the time she was 21-year-old, Burke was a regular pro dancer on “Dancing With the Stars.” Fans know the show’s grueling rehearsal schedules make it hard for contestants and their partners to focus on anything else. And back then, DWTS had two cycles per year on ABC, which means the pros worked even more.

After spending her childhood traveling to dance competitions and spending her 20s in the ABC ballroom, Burke is now in a new phase in her life. The 38-year-old dancer recently filed for divorce from Matthew Lawrence,  her husband of less than three years.

Cheryl Burke Revealed She Just Taught Herself How to Do Laundry

During a May 2022 episode of her Burke in the Game“ podcast, Burke revealed that for the first time in her life, she doesn’t have an assistant to help her with things. And because her life has been consumed by dance, she has suffered some consequences and has never learned to fully “adult.”

“I’m deficient in most things,” Burke said. “Like, I lived like an Olympian when I was younger. Everything just revolved around ballroom dancing and trying to get a trophy. So, you’d be shocked. Like I just taught myself how to do my own laundry.”

“That sounds crazy,” she admitted. “I still don’t cook. I’ve really been into spirituality and meditating and stuff lately. But I haven’t done a lot of stuff. Like I don’t know basic skills of living. Especially on my own. You know, the sprinkler was spraying my garbage cans outside the other day, or like… not having an assistant. Like, I’m doing everything on my own.”

Burke added that she isn’t ready to think about meeting someone who could show her how to throw things together

“I’m just not even ready for that. It actually makes me a little ill,” she said. “I think I need to love myself and get to know me first, because I feel like I owe that to myself before I can even think about sharing my life with somebody else.”

Fans Know That Cheryl Burke Can’t Cook

Cheryl Burke DWTS

ABC/Craig Sjodin

While the laundry issues are a new thing revelation, this isn’t the first time Burke has talked about her lack of cooking skills. In a 2008 interview with Ok magazine, she revealed that her DWTS partner at the time, Chilean actor Cristián de la Fuente, was a better cook than her.

“No, I can’t, [cook] but I haven’t really tried, either!” she said at the time. “I think if I had a cookbook and I actually took the time I’m sure I could. But I’ve always wanted to learn. I always wanted to go to culinary school, especially because I’m from San Francisco, and they have a really good school there. I was always thinking about doing it but never got the chance to.”

And in early 2022, Burke actually got yelled at by celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay when she tried to prepare a shrimp scampi recipe while on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” Ramsay called the DWTS star’s cooking skills “a nightmare,” per Entertainment Tonight Canada.

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