DWTS Pro Cheryl Burke Gives Dating Update Post-Split

Cheryl Burke

Getty Cheryl Burke.

Cheryl Burke opened up about getting back into the dating game following her split from her husband, actor Matthew Lawrence. The longtime couple separated in January 2022 just shy of three years of marriage and are now getting divorced.

Burke and Lawrence met when she worked with his brother, actor Joey Lawrence, on “Dancing With the Stars.”  The two dated for a year before ending their relationship in 2008.  Burke and Lawrence reignited their romance in 2017, nine years after splitting up, per Entertainment Tonight. They married in 2019.

In a new interview, Burke revealed her thoughts on dating.

Cheryl Burke Said Her Divorce is a Mess & the Thought of Dating Makes Her Want to ‘Throw Up’

GettyCheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence

In a May 2022 interview with Extra, Burke revealed her divorce is a “s*** show” and that her emotions are all over the place. “Divorce sucks,” she said. “I don’t recommend it, but at the end of the day, you know, it’s not like we didn’t try and I know we gave it a good shot.”

The 38-year-old two-time mirrorball champion revealed that she’s trying to “get back in the game” after splitting from her ex-husband, but acknowledged that  it’s ”been a while.”

She also appealed to listeners of her new podcast, “Burke in the Game,” to help her out. “I am on this journey of basically surrendering my fate to our listeners and it’ll be very interactive, so they will choose what I need to do to get to where I can date and to hopefully eventually, like eventually, like, the word dating makes me want to throw up a little bit right now, so I’m clearly not ready for that, but eventually, hopefully find love,”  the DWTS pro said.

Burke revealed that will “definitely not” use dating apps and actually finds the whole trend “disgusting.”

“I haven’t been in the dating scene since before, maybe dating apps were invented,” she said. “My listeners are like, ‘You have to do that,’ like, this is part of the process, but I just find it so disgusting. People can just swipe… it’s all about the way you look, right?”

Cheryl Burke Once Pitched Herself to be The Bachelorette

Cheryl Burke DWTS

GettyCheryl Burke

While she’s not keen on dating apps, Burke once dished that she wouldn’t mind being “The Bachelorette,” where she would call the shots. In 2012, she told People that choosing from a pool of a few dozen pre-screened on the ABC dating show would be a game-changer.

“My dating record hasn’t been great the past couple of years so if I have a chance to go on [‘The Bachelorette’] I will,” she said at the time. “It would be fun to have a pool of guys around you and getting to know someone. I think if I had people setting me up with different guys I think it would be easier for me to meet someone to date.”

Burke went on to a relationship with JT Torregiani, a friend of 10 years who turned into a boyfriend. the outlet noted, before getting back together with Lawrence.

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