DWTS’ Cheryl Burke Receives ‘Horrible News’ in Divorce From Matthew Lawrence

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“Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Cheryl Burke recently updated her fans on her ongoing divorce proceedings with ex Matthew Lawrence, and while she said that she has received some “horrible news,” she is also proud of herself for making progress and setting boundaries.

Burke Recently Had a Man Be Interested In Her & She’s Proud She Set Boundaries

On the latest episode of her podcast “Burke in the Game,” Burke welcomed her friend and KTLA reporter Sam Rubin to the podcast for a short while before she got to the week’s featured guest. Rubin wanted to check in on his friend and he asked how she’s doing amidst all of the divorce goings-on.

“I’m making forward progress. I actually just noticed it this morning, when I woke up this morning, I found a sense of peace of being alone … I know that I’m making those steps to changing the pattern that I tend to be attracted to when it comes to men,” said Burke.

She gave an example of a man who was recently flirting with her at a photoshoot, but she could tell that he was “a red flag.”

“He never asked me out, I think I wasn’t giving that vibe, but I know that if I would’ve been a little bit more open and maybe less judgmental, he could’ve [asked me out],” said Burke, adding, “But I know he’s a red flag. I just know it in my heart now. That’s progress, Sam. That’s progress. … Boundaries. I haven’t had boundaries before, that’s progress!”

Burke Said She Wasn’t Giving Off the Vibe Because of the ‘Horrible News’ From Her Divorce That ‘Messed Up’ Her Whole Day

Burke admitted that the reason she wasn’t giving off the vibes to the guy in terms of encouraging him to ask her out was because of the “horrible news” she received regarding her divorce.

“I would’ve [gone out with him] if he would’ve asked, but he never did. But that could’ve been because of my body language. Mind you, I also had horrible news that same day when it comes to my divorce, but obviously, I can’t talk details. But that really messed up my whole rest of day,” said Burke.

She added, “He was hanging out in the parking lot and I thought maybe for sure he wanted [to talk], but I was not [ready]. I was so pissed at the email I received, so I wasn’t there for it.”

This is the second time Burke has mentioned the most recent development in her divorce that has really thrown her for a loop.

On the July 25 episode of the podcast, she revealed that Lawrence has asked for some “absurd” things as part of their divorce settlement and she’s not handling it very well.

“For the first time, I guess I can say that I’m not doing too great … some new news has developed as far as this divorce and obviously without saying too much about it, because I do, as you guys know, have an NDA in the pre-nup — [the new development] has really ruined my day and my last, I guess, three days,” said Cheryl.

She added, “It takes a long time just to have two different attorneys exchange thoughts, I guess, and the thoughts as of now and what the asks are are really absurd.”

But on the bright side, she is proud of herself for making good choices when it comes to her sobriety journey.

On the August 8 episode, she told Rubin that recently she went out with friends and made the conscious choice to drop them off at a club and then go home so that she wouldn’t be tempted to drink.

“I went out with a few friends and I noticed I wanted to drink again after like 10:30-ish, I was like uh-oh, I turn into a pumpkin, or I should be because otherwise I’ll be holding a vodka soda. I’ve realized when I’m out with friends as soon as they start to look tipsy or if they’re starting to get a little obnoxious (in a good way), I have FOMO, which is fear of missing out, and I want to also join the club. So what I did was I dropped them off at the next place after the dinner and I went home and I was really proud of myself, so that’s another act of service toward myself,” said Burke, to which Rubin responded that that was no small feat for her.

“Dancing With the Stars” returns for its 31st season on Monday, September 19, on Disney Plus.

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