Former DWTS Pro Wants Fans to ‘Be Kind’ as She Faces Harsh Criticism

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Heavy/ABC Cheryl Burke sends a message to her haters.

Retired “Dancing With the Stars” pro Cheryl Burke is sending a message to her critics. She has gotten quite a bit of hate since leaving the show in 2022 and starting her DWTS podcast, which she says is to be expected.

“With me talking and being so open on a public platform comes hate,” Burke acknowledged on the April 29 episode of the “Sex, Lies, and Spray Tans” podcast.

“And I know that intellectually, but when I read it in real time, my heart drops. I only want to be loved just like anybody else. I can still be hurt and sad. Like there’s not, it’s not either or. Like, I think we’re really in society,” she added.

Burke retired from “Dancing With the Stars” after season 31. She launched “Sex, Lies, and Spray Tans” in September 2023.

Here’s what you need to know:

Cheryl Burke Would Like DWTS Fans to ‘Be Kind With Their Words’

Burke went on to say that she understands that people are going to criticize her over the things that she says. However, she also wants people to really listen to what she says before jumping to conclusions or passing judgment. At the end of the day, she’s wants her haters to know that she’s “human.”

“Continue on with the hate. But I can’t control what they say. However, I just feel like it’s really ignorant of people to just, I don’t know, I’m human,” she said.

“Like, watch what you say. I think I really would love, before I died, I would love for people just to be kind with their words, because it really affects people. And I think that’s the point.
People want us to react instead of respond. So if that’s their goal, then more power to you, because it’s working, I guess,” she added.

Some Fans Reacted to Cheryl Burke Reading Negative Comments

At one point during her April 29 podcast, Burke noted that she’s gone on Reddit and read some comments about her podcast, noting that some people think that she’s “bitter.”

“If I were bitter, I’d be silent, actually. There’s like a whole thread on Reddit, right, about like how bitter. Get over yourself,” she said.

A few fans reacted to Burke’s comment.

“Cheryl knows how to get people talking over here, doesn’t she? She should stop reading here (posts about herself) for her mental health. People who don’t like her on Reddit are not going to miraculously like her so she should just say “screw it”. (After 40 you really don’t care as much.) Conversely, people who like and support her, will still be fans,” one person wrote.

“Cheryl, honey? THIS IS REDDIT. Reddit is the equivalent of lions eating their young. If you want hug boxing? Make your own forum or Discord server with your own rules. But finger-wagging and admonishing at an established social media site with its own culture and way of life… if anything, she pretty much guaranteed that it’s going to get so much worse instead of better,” another Redditor said.

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