Cheryl Burke May Retire From DWTS But Is ‘Begging’ for Different Position

Cheryl Burke DWTS

ABC Cheryl Burke and Cody Rigsby perform on "Dancing With the Stars."

Cheryl Burke, a professional dancer on ABC’sDancing With the Stars,” would love to be able to change her position on the show.

Burke has been a dancer on “Dancing With the Stars’ for 23 seasons, and she has won the show twice.

At 37 years old, Burke has spoken openly about the toll professional dancing has taken on her body and her desire to retire from being a pro on the show and move into a different position.

Burke Wants to Be a Judge on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ or ‘Strictly Come Dancing’

Burke opened up to Hello! Magazine about what she would really like to happen in her time on “Dancing With the Stars,” saying that she’d like to be a judge on the show, or even a judge on the UK-equivalent “Strictly Come Dancing.”

“I have been begging for that job, how many seasons does a girl have to do?” Burke joked with the outlet.

She added a comment about how she would “do it in a heartbeat, here or in the UK, I love the UK version.”

Burke also told the outlet that she thought there were a few things the U.S.-version of the show could do differently after watching “Strictly Come Dancing,” including adding professional dance numbers in the beginning.

“At the end of the day, it’s a ballroom dance show and you want to use your talent to the best of their ability,” Burke said. “There is a way to do it, the UK pre-tapes so why can’t we start pre-production early?”

“Dancing With the Stars” did open Grease night with an all-new number featuring some of the professional dancers, but most of the openings have come in the form of skits featuring the celebrities.

Burke Would Like to Retire

Burke would like to retire at some point because she feels as though she’s getting to be old to be a professional ballroom dancer, she shared with Elizabeth Vargas, a former ABC News Anchor on the “Heart of the Matter” podcast. The podcast is part of a Partnership to End Addiction, which Burke has felt passionate about.

“I’ve been going through personal issues and everything’s been so uncertain. I’m 37, am I going… ” Burke Shared. “That makes no sense, and this is in October. But that question mark of just how long can I live as a dancer? Let’s be real here, a lot of women in their early 30s retire. This is not a sport that you could last forever and especially as a woman, and nor do I want to be that person who looks old grandma over here barely kicking her leg up.”

She also said that there are a lot of young women who are breaking into the field, which can do a number on her ego sometimes.

“But still I don’t know, I have so many question marks. And again, that’s how scary it is to live in the uncertainty,” she shared.

“Dancing With the Stars” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on ABC.

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