‘Dancing With the Stars’ Alum Gets Hip Replacement Surgery

Dancing With the Stars

ABC/Eric McCandless

Dancing With the Stars alum Christie Brinkley was in a near-fatal helicopter crash 26 years ago. She recently got hip replacement surgery to help with the pain.

Brinkley revealed on Instagram that she received the surgery over the Thanksgiving holiday.

“The pain in my hip got a little bit worse each year,” she said. “Twelve years ago I was told it needed to be replaced but the surgery was daunting! And I had things to do! But quarantine put a damper on any plans, so I decided to finally take time for myself and do something about the pain that had progressively influenced my decisions. I wanted to be ready to be able to say yes to opportunity.”

Brinkley Said She Was Dancing by the New Year

Though she got hip replacement surgery in November, Brinkley revealed she was already up and dancing by New Year’s Eve.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am to have done this,” she said. “Now I can focus on getting back in shape and rebuilding my strength.”

Brinkley has been on vacation, exploring coral reefs and the coast, working on saving palm trees, according to her Instagram page.

“Three palms saved today so far,” she wrote. “They are an endangered species. It’s important to save the indigenous flora and fauna. Everything’s connected, the Thatch palm has played an important role in the Caribbean from roofing, arts and crafts, food source for birds, to holding shoreline together from the advancing sea.”

Brinkley Was in a Near-Fatal Helicopter Crash

Nearly 26 years ago, Brinkley was in a near-fatal helicopter crash. Last year, she marked 25 years since the tragic incident.

“Not a day goes by that I have not counted my blessing for being alive,” Brinkely wrote on Instagram. “I know for a fact that tomorrow is not a guarantee and that each day is a gift and an opportunity to make sure that everybody we love knows it!”

According to an Associated Press article following the incident, Brinkley and five companions were trapped on a mountain in Colorado for five hours following the crash. She suffered minor injuries, and the cause of the crash was not known at the time.

Following the announcement of her successful surgery, Brinkley posted photos of herself in a bikini on the beach, and fans were impressed with how good the 66-year-old model looks.

Many fans asked if they could get into her “fountain of youth” and others said she was as beautiful as the sea. Brinkley used the opportunity to express hope about the United States rejoining the Paris accords.

“Tide pools, coral reefs, sea life, coastal Flora facing extinction like the local Thatch Palms here, threatened by rising tides …all things we can help save now by rejoining the Paris Accord,” she wrote. “These things are all an integral part of a strong economy as they provide livelihoods from tourism to fishing. Everything’s connected. I hope a part of our healing as a Nation is healing our planet too.”

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