Is Cody Rigsby Married? Does He Have a Partner?

Cody Rigsby

ABC Pelton instructor Cody Rigsby is not a single man.

Sorry fellas, Pelton instructor Cody Rigsby is not a single man heading into season 30 of “Dancing With the Stars.”

Rigsby is slated to appear on season 30 of “Dancing With the Stars,” and while viewers don’t know which professional dancer he was paired with, Rigsby has revealed that he’s in a relationship with Andrés Alfaro, an instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp.

Alfaro describes himself as sassy on his Barry’s Bootcamp bio: “I can’t live without my Nespresso, my guilty pleasure is sleeping in and cream cheese bagels and my friends would say I’m commanding, and an opinionated queen with a playful sass.”

If fitness enthusiasts in one of Alfaro’s classes they can expect to sweat.

“Three words to describe my teaching style would be fierce results, driven, and challenging. My classes are dynamic, and rewarding so you can expect to push past their limits and leave feeling rewarded and inspired by the results,” his bio adds. “My favorite day of the week is Tuesday, Full Body, Lower Body Focus, and my playlist genre of choice is EDM. ”

Alfaro and Rigsby were dating for nearly two years when they went public with the relationship. “I’ve been a little guarded, but I’ve recently opened up because so much of what we do [at Peloton] is storytelling and being vulnerable,” he told Vogue in November 2020.

During his interview with Vogue, Rigsby — who was born in California and raised in North Carolina — revealed it wasn’t easy to be gay in the South. “It stops you from completely being who you want to be,” he told the publication. “I was in denial for such a long time.”

During his first year of high school, he attempted to have relations with a female student. “I remember trying to hook up with a girl and… nothing was functioning,” Rigsby told Vogue. “I remember leaving that experience and being like, ‘Okay, you’re gay. You got to figure this out. Like, the jig is up, baby.”

Rigsby & Alfaro Like to Post Pictures of Each Other

Alfaro and Rigsby might have taken some time before they went public with their relationship, but now they are both staples on each other’s Instagram pages.

Rigsby and Alfaro tend to keep their captions short, letting the pictures speak for themselves.

“My Red, white , and Boo 💙❤️,” Rigsby wrote in a January 2021 post. 

“Te am❤️,” he simply captioned another.

Rigsby Is About to Have a New Partner

For season 30 of “Dancing With the Stars,” Rigsby was paired with a professional dancer. Before the “DWTS” premiere, the pro’s identity was kept a secret, but rumors have swirled that he was partnered up with Cheryl Burke, one of the show’s most prominent dancers.

To keep up with his Peloton classes and “DWTS” schedule, Rigsby told Parade he would be flying from New York to Los Angeles for (hopefully) 10 weeks.

“As it stands right now, I fly back on Tuesdays,” he told Parade. “I have a Tuesday night class, then we’ve got a Thursday or Wednesday class, and a Friday class, and I’ll come back here Friday or Saturday, do rehearsals, and do camera blocking while I am here.”

“Dancing With the Stars” season 30 premieres Monday, September 20, 2021, at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on ABC.

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