DWTS Fans Angry About Cody Rigsby’s Outcome In Week 2

Cody Rigsby and Cheryl Burke on 'Dancing With the Stars' season 30

ABC Cody Rigsby and Cheryl Burke on 'Dancing With the Stars' season 30

“Dancing With the Stars” fans are upset about Cody Rigsby’s situation in week 2 after his partner, professional dancer Cheryl Burke, tested positive for COVID on Sunday, Sept. 26. But what’s funny is that the fans are both mad if he dances and if he does not — and it sounds like he is going to be dancing with one of the alternate professional dancers. Here is what we know.

‘Good Morning America’ Reports that Rigsby Will Dance In Week 2

‘Dancing with the Stars’ pro Cheryl Burke tests positive for COVID-19 l GMAThe professional dancer announced that she tested positive one day before filming the second episode of the season. READ MORE: gma.abc/3o9KwfF SUBSCRIBE to GMA's YouTube page: bit.ly/2Zq0dU5 VISIT GMA's homepage: goodmorningamerica.com SIGN UP to get the daily GMA Wake-Up Newsletter: gma.abc/2Vzcd5j #GMA #DWTS #CherylBurke #COVID19 #CodyRigsby2021-09-27T16:22:10Z

In its Monday (Sept. 27) segment on Burke’s positive COVID test, “Good Morning America” reported that this would “really [shake] up what could happen tonight.”

Anchor Eva Pilgrim added, “Burke is now entering a 10-day quarantine. As for Cody Rigsby, he has been tested. He’s still waiting on those results and if all is well and he comes back negative, he will be dancing with one of the alternate pros tonight.”

Interestingly, “Good Morning America” has deleted its Twitter video of the segment and the YouTube version stops the report before Pilgrim says that, but the episode archived on Hulu still features Pilgrim’s wrap-up that confirms Rigsby will dance if he tests negative.

In case you didn’t know, the two alternate pros this season are newcomers to the show — Ezra Sosa and Sofia Ghavami. According to their big reveal on “Entertainment Tonight,” they will “be prepped to step in in case a pro is injured, ill, or unable to compete in any way.”

UPDATE: Rigsby must have tested negative because he confirmed via Instagram story that he is competing this week. We can’t imagine the show would let him continue if he had tested positive. He also wished Burke a speedy recovery.

“Friends, what a crazy weekend we’ve had. First and foremost, I want to send all my love and thoughts and healing energy to Miss Cheryl Burke,” said Rigsby. “We’ve spoken a few times, she seems to be in good spirits and feeling well, but I’ve been through COVID and I know how crazy this virus can be. It can change at any moment, so just keep her in your thoughts.”

He continued, “The competition of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ must go on. I will be competing. How is to be determiend, so stay tuned. That being said, don’t forget to vote for us this evening … have a great night, I’ll see you in the ballroom.”

UPDATE II: At the start of “Dancing With the Stars” week 2 episode, host Tyra Banks said that Rigsby is not out of the competition but he is quarantining because of being in close contact with Burke. The way he’ll be competing is still to be revealed during the live episode.

Fans Are Upset At Both the Prospect of Rigsby Dancing and Not Dancing

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In a Reddit thread, fans are not happy about Rigsby being allowed to dance even if he tests negative because he could still have COVID and what happens to the show if it starts to spread throughout the cast and crew?

“The show is taking a really big risk with this. Because even if the test is negative for right now he still could have COVID. He has been exposed and should still quarantine imho. There are people on set who have little ones and also an elderly contestant who is high risk and could die if he catches it. The show needs to really be careful on this one,” wrote on commenter, adding, “Tt’s reckless on the shows part imho. There are two pros who have babies and so many infants and toddlers as of late have been dying from Covid because they are too young for the vaccine. Also the elderly are at high risk as well and most who catch the virus die. I just feel that the show needs to consider all risk factors and everyone’s safety in this. It’s very unfortunate this happened.”

Another chimed in with, “Just because he tests negative today doesn’t mean that he’s in the clear. I would think being face to face with a COVID positive partner meant you were out because it’s risking so many other peoples’ health and safety. This could really bite the show later on if he exposes other celebs/pros/crew/judges and causes a huge outbreak on the set.”

That commenter also added that the “right thing to do would be to have [Rigsby] withdraw this season then compete again in a future season.”

Other fans are mad that he might have to withdraw or be eliminated from the competition.

One Redditor wrote, “Why not just let him to to the next week?” to which another one responded, “The best solution is just sit him this week and let him go on to the next. If he tests positive, pull him from the competition. We all know he wasn’t going to be second out anyway.”

But another commenter argued that it’s really unfair because how do you score someone who sat out a week?

“Does he get a 0 score … it would be a really bad look for the show if someone gets eliminated that actually dances versus a celeb who completely sat the week out … I just think there’s no way to win in this situation for the show … If I was the EP, I’d have Cody withdraw,” wrote the commenter.

Meanwhile, over on the Peloton Instagram account, which also said that Rigsby will still compete in week two, Rigsby’s fans are adament that they will show up for him and keep him in the competition until Burke returns.

One Redditor pointed out that the Center for Disease Control recommends that if you are vaccinated and were exposed, you do not need to quarantine if you are not exhibiting symptoms and you test negative, so he think it should be up to Rigsby if he continues.

Another commenter said they should just postpone the season until it’s safe, to which another one wrote, “Then they should just cancel [the] season cause it’s never gonna be ‘safe enough.'”

A Twitter fan wrote, “If Cody got it too and has to withdraw I’m gonna be in tears.”

Fans should expect the show to address the situation when it airs live Monday night.

“Dancing With the Stars” season 30 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on ABC.

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