Twitter Erupts with Anger Over ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Finale Winner Results

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Season 29 of Dancing With the Stars is over, and the winner has been announced. Unfortunately for some fans, their favorite did not win the Mirrorball, and they’ve taken to Twitter to talk about how upset they are.

WARNING: SPOILERS for the Dancing With the Stars Season 29 finale follow. Read at your own risk. 

When Tyra Banks announced that Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe and pro dancer Artem Chigvintsev would be taking home the Mirrorball, many fans of Nev Schulman, the runner-up, took to Twitter to express their anger.

Fans of Nev & Jenna Took to Twitter to Express Their Anger

Some people believe that, while Kailtyn Bristowe was a good dancer, Nev Schulman deserved to win the trophy, and they took no time to tweet out their views.

One person wrote, “RIGGED RIGGED RIGGED!!!!!! @kaitlynbristowe did NOT deserve this win”

Another wrote, “It’s hard to get excited about the popular girl winning a popularity contest.”

“She was great, but I’m sorry-Nev was better. And deserved it more. #DWTS,” another viewer tweeted.

A lot of fans said they believed Nev and Jenna were robbed of the trophy. One wrote, “Ok Nev was robbed and we all know it #DWTS.”

Others brought up the network and said that another Bachelorette winning the show had more to do with politics internally than it did with anything else. One viewer wrote, “Call me when [Dancing With the Stars] is about dancing and not [behind-the-scenes] network politics.”

“Kaitlyn was ok but Nev killed it all season. Nev is the winner in my eyes,” one person said.

Fans Believe Nev Schulman and Jenna Johnson Were Robbed of the Win

Plenty of fans took to Twitter to express their frustration about the winner of season 29 of the show.

“Just when I thought the odds were working in my favor when Nelly came in third… But Nev lost damn it #DWTS,” one viewer tweeted.

Some were furious more about who won than they were about who came in second, third and fourth place. One viewer wrote, “I am freaking FURIOUS at the fact at 1 being Nelly beating Justina and 2 Nev didn’t win! This was RIGGED just because Kaitlyn was on an ABC show. I’m never watching Dancing With the Stars again!”

Another agreed, writing “This was the FIRST and LAST time I watch #DWTS This was so rigged. Glad I wasted my time.”

Many said that Bachelor Nation was the only reason Kaitlyn Bristowe won the show.

“Grrrrr….,” one person tweeted. “@NevSchulman was robbed!!! Stupid obsessed Bachelor nation had nothing better to do than mass vote for bland Kaitlyn. I want to see more of Nev dancing and I hope I will. #DWTS”

Another person tweeted, “I’m personally hurt that Nev just lost. Like that man became a whole DANCER!!! He deserved to win #DWTS”

Many viewers said they knew the show was a popularity contest, but they were still upset that the best dancer, in their eyes, did not win once again. On the other hand, some fans took to Twitter to congratulate Kaitlyn and Artem and applaud them for their hard work throughout the season.

Long-time fans of the show were especially excited for Artem, who they thought did deserve to win the trophy.

“Nev totally got ROBBED… but I am happy for Artem tho,” one person wrote.

“Artem went from being unemployed to winning DWTS,” another tweeted.

Yet another was excited, writing “ARTEM’S FIRST MIRRORBALL!”

With the end of season 29, Artem takes home his first Mirrorball trophy and many of the pros will be back next season on Dancing With the Stars. 

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