‘Dancing With the Stars’ Alum to Dance in New Movie



It turns out that Danica McKellar’s last time dancing for the cameras wasn’t during her jaunt on “Dancing With the Stars.” 

The “The Wonder Years” alum is set to star in a new rom-com titled, “Swing into Romance,” according to People. The movie is being filmed for the Great American Family network and will debut this fall on the network.

McKellar competed on “Dancing With the Stars” season 18 when it aired in 2014.

McKellar Will Play a Former Dancer

According to People’s report, McKellar will play Christine Sims, who is a former dancer returning to her hometown where her family owns a general store and where her ex-fiancé lives.

“I’ve been wanting to dance in a movie since I was on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ in 2014,” she told the outlet. “But I’ve always loved dancing. My mom was a professional dancer before I was born, so the love of dance is in my genes.”

McKeller is also set to produce the film, which was written by her husband, Scott Sveslosky. She told People that he wrote the story after she told him she wanted to dance in a movie.

“He’s not a writer!” she told the outlet. “He’s a lawyer. He just is good at putting together ideas when I really want to do something. And it’s just fun to have that knowledge that he’s a part of this.”

McKellar has already been training for dancing in the upcoming movie, though there is no choreographer yet attached to the project.

McKellar was partnered with fan-favorite professional dancer Val Chmerkovskiy during her time on “Dancing With the Stars.” They ultimately finished in 6th place, making it almost all the way to the finale of the season. The season was ultimately won by Donald Driver and professional dancer Peta Murgatroyd.

McKellar Reunited With Other 90s Stars

McKellar was one of many stars from the 1990s who reunited at ’90s con in March 2023. She shared some snaps from the festival on Instagram.

“90s Shows Unite!,” she wrote. “What an amazing time this weekend at @thats4ent ‘s #90sCon, reuniting with friends – and making new ones! How many people can you name from these pics? And can you guess which ones I hadn’t seen (in person) *since the 90s*??”

The actress will also be starring in an upcoming holiday movie, which she co-wrote, according to Deadline.

The movie is called “Royal Christmas Ball,” and it will be part of Great American Family’s Great American Christmas event. McKellar plays Chelsea Shaw, a dance instructor who travels to Europe to find her biological family. There, she meets a prince and teaches him a special Waltz in time for the Royal Christmas Ball.

When the film was announced, McKellar celebrated on Instagram, telling fans that the movie was “extra special” for her, and she revealed that it’s a “dream come true.”

“Swinging Into Romance” is set to debut in the fall of 2023 as part of the Autumn Harvest event on the Great American Family network.

“Dancing With the Stars” will return for the fall 2023 season in September exclusively on Disney+.

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