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'Dancing With the Stars' season 29

ABC 'Dancing With the Stars' season 29

Dancing With the Stars pro Daniella Karagach is opening up about why she almost quit dancing and what she misses about competing. In a recent Instagram live true-or-false Q&A with fans, Karagach answered a ton of questions from her followers, ranging from the lighthearted about what her favorite brand of sneaker is (Vans and Nike) to the deep dives, like why she almost quit dancing. Here’s what she revealed.

Karagach Said the Constant Comparisons Were So Hard

When a fan asked her true or false, she contemplated quitting dance sometime in her life, Karagach said “true.”

“If you know me, you know I was never obsessed with competing, haha,” said Karagach. “I’ve always loved performing and making new friends. I guess I just never liked being constantly compared to others. It made me who I am today and I couldn’t be more grateful, but I’m so in love with where we are in our career now and feel very blessed to be able to share my passion in a different way.”

Karagach also revealed that if she had to choose between ballroom dancing and Latin dancing, she’s definitely “more of a Latin girl,” and Derek Hough’s 2019 live tour was “actually the first tour [she had] ever done.”

She also said that while she misses “performing in front of a live audience” because of “dancing to different music, adjusting choreo, being a part of the incredible atmosphere and being in the element,” she doesn’t miss “being compared to and marked/judged.”

Other Fun Facts About Karagach

The Q&A was a veritable smorgasbord of fun facts about Karagach, who joined Dancing With the Stars troupe in season 28 and then was a solo professional dancer in season 29. She revealed several tidbits about her life, including that she speaks Russian. Here is a list of all the juicy goodies fans were privy to during the Q&A:

  • Karagach’s middle name is Brittany.
  • She has never had hair extensions — her long blonde locks are 100 percent hers and the way she keeps them looking so lucious is by “trimming it three times a year and barely styling it.”
  • She is only 5’3″ despite how tall she looks on TV.
  • She misses dancing with Nelly from this past season.
  • She is an American citizen. Karagach was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, the daughter of two immigrants from Moldova — hence the being fluent in Russian. She is also an only child.
  • She hates to read but she did go to college. However, she “dropped out because [she] was constantly traveling for dance.”
  • She said she doesn’t use fake tanner because she gets really dark in the summer and only has to use shimmer, but she will sometimes use it “for performances in the winter.” She also hates wearing makeup.
  • Karagach has not had plastic surgery. A fan asked her if she had had a nose job and she said, “False! I’ve never had anything done to my nose or face. However, I did break [my nose] real bad in the middle of a dance comp and for a while, I had my nose under my right eyeball. I couldn’t breathe through it for a while until they re-broke it and put it into place. So that was fun…”
  • She actually hates cardio workouts but loves weight lifting.
  • Her husband and dance partner Pasha Pashkov is her best friend “along with [her] mom. They are [her] favorite human beings on this planet.”
    It “couldn’t be more true” that she loves being on Dancing With the Stars and she is friends with her fellow professional dancers outside of the show.

Every Dancing With the Stars pro should do these, what a fun way to get to know them. Karagach hasn’t said one way or the other, but we would expect to see her back for season 30.

Dancing With the Stars will hopefully return with season 30 in 2021. ABC has not yet officially announced a renewal and premiere date.

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