Derek Hough Calls Out DWTS Pro’s ‘Raunchy’ Choreography

"Dancing With the Stars" judge Derek Hough

ABC "Dancing With the Stars" judge Derek Hough

“Dancing With the Stars” pro-turned-judge Derek Hough was on a podcast talking about the show and he gave another pro some ribbing about doing “raunchy” choreography. Read on to find out what he said and how the dance was originally even raunchier than what made it to air.

Derek Called Out Gleb Savchenko & Jana Kramer’s Sexy Argentine Tango

Derek Hough and Girlfriend Hayley Erbert's Emmy Winning Paso Doble | DWTS Season 29Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert dancing the Paso Doble on Dancing With The Stars Season 29! Derek won an EMMY award for his choreography on this dance. And no, I promise it is not altered or sped up in any way. Derek and Hayley are simply THAT amazing! Thank you for watching!! Please comment, like…2020-10-22T12:46:36Z

On an episode of singer Jana Kramer’s podcast, “Whine Down,” Kramer, who finished in fourth place on season 23 in 2016, expressed her desire to go back on the show and get another crack at the Mirrorball Trophy because she thinks she was holding back her first time around.

“I would love to go back and re-do that season because of all the things that I held back on or wish that I wasn’t so in my head about or believed in myself a little bit more, but I think that’s something we do just in life too,” said Jana.

Derek responded to that by saying he can see how “as a celebrity and [only] having one season, you might think ‘I want another go at that, I want another round.'”

But he said that Jana and her pro partner Gleb Savchenko “were awesome,” “were fantastic” and that people still talk about their Argentine tango in the rain dance.

“They still bring up that rain, that one rain one. That’s up there in the top realms of like — that happened!” said Derek.

Jana said she looks back and can’t believe that that dance was allowed to air.

“That was a very sexy dance. There was just a few things in that dance I’m like I can’t believe they aired that. When it says ‘give me a taste’ and he literally lifts me up and his face is in my vagina?! You guys come up with some raunchy choreography, Derek,” said Jana.

To this, Derek laughed and said it was not him who did raunchy choreography. That’s all Gleb.

“I’m not gonna lie, that’s more of a Gleb thing. … I wasn’t too raunchy. Even when I did rumbas, stuff like that, the dance of love, my approach usually was … a sweet love, not a ’50 Shades of Grey’ love,” said Derek with a laugh.

“I think we definitely went ’50’ on that one,” said Jana, to which Derek cracked, ‘Y’all went ’60’ on that.”

That Argentine Tango Was Supposed to Be Even More Risque

Jana & Gleb's Tango- Dancing with the Stars (Latin Night)2016-10-22T23:59:17Z

The dance in question was during Latin Night in week six on season 23. Jana and Gleb performed an Argentine tango to “Hands to Myself” by Selena Gomez and it earned them their first perfect score of the season — they received a 10 each from Bruno Tonioli, Carrie Ann Inaba, Julianne Hough, and guest-judge Pitbull for a total of 40.

The dance started out on a bed and ended up in the pouring rain. It was incredibly sexy, but Gleb actually revealed on a separate episode of “Whine Down” that his original choreography was even more eyebrow-raising — “The original idea [for the dance] was I wanted you to start with two other guys and for me to come in … and [the ABC executives] did not approve that,” said the professional dancer.

“I totally forgot that you wanted two other guys and I remember being like, ‘I am so uncomfortable that this is the show that my dad is coming to!’” said Jana, adding, “The fact that my father was in the audience for that dance … that’s the one that he sees … I still to this day cannot watch that dance because I’m like, ‘Oh my god, how did ABC approve that?!’”

“Dancing With the Stars” has not yet been renewed for season 31. If it is renewed, it will return in September 2022.

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