Derek Hough Wants This TikTok Star on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Derek Hough DWTS


Derek Hough is a former “Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer and current judge on the ABC ballroom dancing competition show, and he has some thoughts about who he would like to see compete in an upcoming season.

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Hough talked about which of the biggest TikTok stars he might like to see in the ballroom, and his answer was not surprising.

“I think it’d be really cool to see one of the D’Amelio sisters on there,” he told the outlet. “Charli’s a really talented dancer and she’s obviously crushing it in the content, TikTok world. I think she would be really good. I think she’d be awesome!”

Charli D’Amelio is a 17-year-old TikTok star and influencer who has amassed millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. At the time of writing, she is the most-followed person on TikTok, though that may change in the near future with social media star Khabane Lame gaining followers daily.

Hough Says D’Amelio’s Dance Background Should Not Be an Issue

Though some people say that people with dance backgrounds should not be allowed to compete on “Dancing With the Stars,” Hough told Hollywood Life that the experience really isn’t that much of an advantage.

“If you want to be a high-quality dancer, nothing will ever replace training,” Hough told the outlet. “Nothing will ever replace being in the studio, working hours and hours and learning. Having mentors and going through the process – you will always need that to reach a certain level of quality.”

He said that popularity does help people win the competition, but training is really what it takes to get all the way to the Mirrorball at the end of the season.

D’Amelio has been dancing since she was 3 years old, and she trained as a dancer for 10 years prior to recording her first dance TikTok video, according to Seventeen Magazine.

Hough Is Excited for the Upcoming Season of ‘Dancing With the Stars’

In June 2021, Hough spoke with Heavy about what he’s most excited for in the upcoming season of “Dancing With the Stars” and what he has going on other than the ABC show.

Hough talked about a new “Dream Project” he’s working on during an interview with Parade earlier this year, but the dancer has not been able to share any details about the show at the time of the interview.

Luckily, he was able to give a bit of an update on his upcoming projects when speaking with Heavy.

“There’s definitely some really fun projects in the works, but there’s definitely one been confirmed that will be starting in the fall,” Hough told Heavy. “One thing I can say is that ‘Dancing With the Stars’ will be back in September and it’s gonna be an amazing huge season that I can’t wait for people to see. It’s gonna be good. I just can’t wait to see if we have an audience!”

As for what he’s most excited about for the upcoming season of “Dancing With the Stars,” Hough had two different answers.

“Honestly, I’m just excited about the cast! I’m always curious. I’m always like, ‘I wonder who it’s gonna be?’ Because that’s such a huge part of the season, what the cast is going to be like,” he said.

Hough added, “And, I’m looking forward to having Len be back, it’s gonna be good to see him and sit next to him in the ballroom. That’s going to be a lot of fun.”

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