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Six-time Mirrorball champion and current “Dancing With the Stars” judge Derek Hough made an announcement in early February 2022 that got his fans excited.

Hough announced on February 8, 2022, that he was going to be continuing his Las Vegas residency in 2022.

“WE’RE BACK BABY!” he wrote. “After last years incredible success we’ve decided to keep this party going in LAS VEGAS !!!! MAY – SEPTEMBER . I can’t wait to get back in there and put on an amazing show for you all. Here we go!!! @venetianvegas.”

Hough’s Show is 90 Minutes

Hough’s “No Limits” show runs around 90-minutes and features many different kinds of dancing including tap, ballroom, salsa and hip hop. There’s a live band that accompanies the dancers, and Derek himself even picks up a guitar and sings on stage at one point.

Hough is joined by his long-time girlfriend, Hayley Erbert, during the show.

Fans are excited for the return for the show.

“Are you kidding me no way I am telling everyone and I will be back because I live in Vegas baby!” one person commented. “Your show is absolutely out of the ballpark phenomenon!”

Another person wrote, “Congratulations @derekhough and @hayleyerbert! Starting the day after your birthday! Hope to see you again!”

Hough Revealed His One Fashion ‘Regret’ From DWTS

In an interview with Us Magazine, Hough revealed that he has only one fashion regret from all his time on “Dancing With the Stars.”

“The only regret that I really have is when something doesn’t have that flexible fabric,” Hough told the outlet. “Because you try something on and you tailor it so it fits like a glove. And then you sit down. Everything just squeezes a little tight, especially in the pants, and it gets really uncomfortable.”

He added, “I find myself sometimes having to unbutton the top button while I’m sitting there. There’s been a few times where it was cutting off the circulation to my brain. That’s the only time I’ve ever regretted wearing something, when it inhibited my blood circulation … I also find myself talking a little bit faster to try and get the words out because I have no breath.”

Hough explained that when he appears to be dancing in jeans, he’s not really always doing so.

“They’re not just normal jeans,” he told the outlet. “They’re stretchy and they’re super comfortable.”

Hough revealed that he and Erbert were partnering with Express fashion on Instagram with a fun dance video where they revealed some outfits.

“How do YOU express yourself?” Hough wrote in the caption. “If it’s through color, style, movement, or something that the [world] has been waiting to see, post a video and tag #expressyou … it’s a whole mood.”

The couple don’t only take on branding deals together. Sometimes, they post Instagram and TikTok content that makes fans laugh, such as a challenge they recently did that revealed they would be “getting engaged, having two babies” in the upcoming year.

“Dancing With the Stars” has not yet been renewed for season 31. If it does get renewed, the show will return sometime in mid-September of 2022.

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