EXCLUSIVE: Hayley Erbert’s Oval Engagement Ring Is ‘Rare’

Hayley Erbert and Derek Hough.

Getty Images Derek Hough helped create the perfect ring for Hayley Erbert.

Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert are engaged. The “Dancing With the Stars” pro turned judge got down on one knee at the couple’s home and proposed to Erbert after seven years of dating, according to People magazine.

Photographer Anée Atelier called the proposal an “unimaginably romantic moment.”

“It’s only the beginning…the beginning of forever,” Hough and Erbert captioned a joint Instagram post on June 2, 2022. Although Erbert’s ring can be seen in the photo, it was hard to make out the detail because it was so far away. However, a short while after the duo confirmed their engagement news, jeweler Chau Lui shared a better view of the ring — and provided a few details.

Hough worked closely with Lui, who co-owns Paris Jewellers out of Canada, to design the perfect ring.

“It was a dream come true to be trusted to work with Derek to design this stunning ring for Hayley. Derek’s love for Hayley just radiated throughout the entire process,” Lui told Heavy.

In an Instagram comment, Lui called Erbert’s new piece of jewelry “one of the most beautiful rings ever.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Erbert’s Ring Is Oval & Is Set in Platinum

The ring cut that Hough chose for Erbert is oval. The large center stone stands on its own without any diamonds flanking it.

The one word used to describe the bauble is “flawless.”

“The ring is extraordinary, featuring a FLAWLESS oval diamond, set in platinum with a pave band, and brilliant hidden halo,” Lui tells Heavy.

According to Paris Jewellers, Lui really got to know Hough and learned a lot about his relationship with Erbert to draw inspiration to create the one-of-a-kind engagement ring.

“It was so truly important for Derek that Hayley had a diamond that was so special, rare and brilliant, just like his love for Hayley,” Lui told Heavy.

Lui Listened to Hough & Erbert’s Favorite Song for Inspiration

As part of the design process, Lui leaned on music — in particular, the song “Someone to Stay” which is Hough and Erbert’s “favourite song.” The jeweler said that Lui listened to the song “to help inspire elements of this once in a lifetime ring which is just like their love.”

“Derek is kind-hearted with infectious positive energy who radiates love for Hayley. We are filled with so much joy for this special couple and wish them a lifetime full of love and adventures,” the company captioned an Instagram post.

Several people have left comments on Instagram, praising Lui for her work on the ring.

“Wow congrats Chau – looks amazing and those dancers are amazing too,” one comment read.

“You created such a flawless spectacular stunning ring!! It’s blinding in real life when it catches the light!!! Brava!!!” Troy Williams of Simply Troy Lifestyle + Events wrote.

“Oh my gosh congrats on another amazing design this is amazing!!!” a third person commented.

“Wow!!! Such exciting news…Congratulations, Chau! And congrats to the super talented couple!” a fourth Instagram user added.

“Omg, now I know! Congrats Chau! Our favorite celebrity jeweler,” read another comment.

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