Derek Hough Drops Hint About Proposing to Hayley Erbert

Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert


Dancing With the Stars pro and judge Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert have been in a relationship for years. The couple shares multiple pets and often dance together. Now, they shared the story of their first kiss on stage.

In a new video titled “Recreating the DANCE that made us fall in LOVE,” on their YouTube Channel “Derek & Hayley x Dayley Life,” Erbert and Hough talked about how they met and discussed the Rumba they first performed together, which they said led to them falling in love years ago.

In the video, Erbert cut Hough’s hair because it was growing out too long, and they recreated their first on-stage dance and first kiss.

Hough & Erbert Recreated Their First Kiss

Recreating the DANCE that made us fall in LOVE ❤We wanted to recreate one of our first dances, but most importantly, our FIRST kiss. We also include some stories about how we fell in love on stage. Dance video filmed by: Tim Milgram2021-04-08T16:00:16Z

Hough explained that their first dance was a rumba that he originally danced with Nastia Liukin during the 2015 season of Dancing With the Stars, but he had to pick a different partner when he went on tour with the dance, and he decided he wanted to do it with Hayley Erbert, who was a 19-year-old professional dancer at the time.

Erbert shared that she wasn’t that experienced in ballroom dancing at the time but that Hough was “super flirty all the time,” and they learned the dance in about an hour and a half.

“So, the kiss happened at our very last show, it was in Vegas…” Erbert shared. “Right before I went out, everyone was like ‘you better kiss him!'”

She said she wasn’t the one who went in for it, but they had come close to kissing multiple times before.

“I remember the front row of the audience being like, ‘WOOOO!'” Hough shared.

The couple also talked about possibly getting married in the near future, as they’ve been together for seven years.

“We should probably lock it up pretty soon, huh?” Hough asked.

Erbert replied that it has been “a long time coming,” while showing off the bare ring finger on her left hand.

The couple then recreated the dance that made them fall in love and ended the video by recreating their first kiss.

Hough & Erbert Said The Coronavirus Quarantine Strengthened Their Relationship

Hough, 34, told Us Magazine that being quarantined with Erbert, 25, was actually great, though he realizes that it could be tougher for other couples.

“Being cooped up with my girlfriend, it’s been great,” He told Us Weekly at the end of March while noting that some couples are going to be “like, ‘OK, I don’t know if we’re for each other’” and it’ll bring some closer together.

He revealed that he and Erbert were part of the latter group, saying the time at home had “definitely brought us closer together and it’s a beautiful thing.”

Though they aren’t planning on adding to the “quarantine baby boom trend,” Hough and Erbert may be growing their family soon, he revealed.

“[Erbert has] been trying to get a new puppy here,” he said. They have a kitten together already after rescuing it in September 2018. Erbert said she’s been trying for the past year to convince him to get a dog together and he always says no but “Now is the perfect time.”

Hough said that they already “have so many animals,” so he’s hesitant to add a puppy to the family. He previously shared a photo of two of their pets cuddling one another with the caption, “Quarantine has brought everyone together over here #animals #cats Also, not sure how I feel about this. Haha.”

Dancing With the Stars returns in the fall of 2021 for a monumental season 30.

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